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Re: Escalian Football League

1974-75 Offseason Part 2:

Free Agency

The first dominoes to fall in the inaugural free agent class were among former Defensive Players of the Year. 3 time award winner DB Raleigh Gibson was the first major player to sign with a new team, signing a 2 year deal with the new and unproven Arcanfall Wizards instead of an already existing and established team. Right behind him was reigning DPOY DB Jon Cole, who decided to spend the twilight of his career on a 2 year deal with his hometown Kierport Knights in hopes of finally bringing home a title.

One of the other headliners for this free agent class was QB Harold Bauer, who decided that his long and prosperous tenure with Duvall would come to a close as he would test the waters of free agency. Rumors swirled around that he would be signing in Colnica to replace the departing Terry Rogers, but he surprised everyone when he signed a 2 year deal with the Fort McCleod Generals worth $516,000, making him the second highest player in the league behind Kierport’s Arnie Kruger. Bauer’s entry into Fort McLeod looks to get their first season over the .500 mark.

This year saw a ton of backup running backs take to the market to find starting jobs. Drew Abspoel, who lost the starting job to reigning Offensive Player of the Year Mitchell Gallagher, found a new home in Augusta on a 3 year deal. Kurt Cotton traded the colors of brown and gold for purple and silver as he landed in Pattalia after losing a potential starting gig with the Miners. 3 other former-starters-turned-backups also found new homes. Arthur Blackburn of the Gatekeepers landed in Montagrada, Rich McMillan of the Racers signed with Sarnia, and Phillip Lynch of the Owls found a new home with the Mariners.

After helping the Miners win their first Escalian Cup, WR Jordan Samson decided to return back to his original team in Orcaster on a 2 year deal to help the Racers finally lift a Cup. LB Jim Hardin had enough with Sarnia, and left the Sparks for greener pastures out west for Ellesby, where he will hopefully win a few more games than with Sarnia. The Pirates lured longtime Lumberjacks receiver Craig Farmer for 1 year to help whichever rebuild their team back to a playoff spot this year.

1 - DB Jon Cole: HOM -> KIE 2Y, 90K
2 - LB Jim Hardin: SAR -> ELB 3Y, 79K
3 - RB Drew Abspoel: TCA -> AUG 3Y, 78K
4 - QB Harold Bauer: DUV -> FTM 2Y, 208K
5 - RB Kurt Cotton: ASH -> PAT 3Y, 82.5K
6 - WR Jordan Samson: ASH -> ORC 2Y, 82.5K
7 - RB Arthur Blackburn: HAD -> MON 2Y, 77K
8 - RB Rich McMillan: ORC -> SAR 2Y, 75K
9 - RB Phillip Lynch: ADL -> ELB 3Y, 75K
10 - LB John Hays: TCA -> ADL 2Y, 72.5K
11 -  WR Craig Farmer: NOR -> WRA 1Y, 78K
12 - DL Michael Bischoffs: DUV -> ADL 3Y, 70K
13 - DB Raleigh Gibson: ELB -> ARC 2Y, 85K
14 - OL Bobby Kramer: FTM -> PAT 3Y, 47.5K
15 - OL Robin Ely: NOR -> NOR 1Y, 42.5K

Wrauport decided that they needed some sort of fresh start with their team, as GM Max Rose knew that they could not win another playoff game with the current core they have. They were looking to trade up to a higher spot, and looked for any bidders. The Angels were unwilling to give up the #1 pick, but the Sparks were a bit more generous in giving up the #2 pick. In the biggest trade of the offseason, the Pirates sent over starting QB Kerry Knight, their second round selection this year and for next year for the Spark’s now-backup QB Reggie Johnson and the #2 overall pick while swapping 4th round selections.

With the signing of Drew Abspoel, the Bulls decided to part ways with former starting RB Arlie Langford, who was sent over to Arcanfall to play mentor to young RB Christopher Richter for a 2nd Rounder and swapping of 4th round picks

Hadley desperately needed a wide receiver after the departure of longtime WR Andrew Padmore to rival Kierport. They found a dealer in Homestead, who sent WR Craig McClane and depth in LB Rodney Hanna for S Walton Heath and a 2nd Rounder in next year’s draft, and swapping 4th round picks as well.

There weren’t many big retirements this year, but the ones that did retire really made a mark on the league. Leading this retirement class is DL Gideon Skeates, one of the greatest defensive players to have ever played the game. He headlined a fearsome front 7 from the Bulls that helped them reel in their first, and so far only, Escalian Cup in 1963. OL Ingram Truman was also one of the great offensive linemen, being named to the All-Decade team in 1969 and is one of the prototypical offensive linemen that scouts are looking for. The last major player to retire was not a surprise with DB Michael House, whose efforts in last year’s Escalian Cup cemented his legacy as one of the most underrated DB’s of the past decade.

Other News
With the league over 15 years old, the Owner’s Council finally decided to introduce an all-star game. First, each of the 5 divisions will have an “All-Star Team”, where the players on each of the rosters will be assigned to one of two teams, named the Blues and the Greens. The All-Star Bowl will be played one week before the Escalian Cup, and players who are set to play in the Escalian Cup the following week will not be eligible. The first All-Star Bowl will be held in Minola’s Azure Stadium.

Draft Preview

The ISC was successful in its first year, bringing in the top 3 prospects in this year’s draft. The top three were LB Ryan Overton, QB Stephen Calhoun, and RB Max Lacy. Overton and Calhoun are looking to go 1-2, but Lacy looks to slide due to how many teams already have running backs that can carry their team. 

Top 15 ISC Prospects
1: LB Ryan Overton - Jimmy Yamamoto - QCS
2 - QB Stephen Calhoun - Dale Beckham - DireBear
3 - RB Max Lacy - Wally Flowers - Wallflower
4 - TE Bruno Marella - Bernard King - Kingsfan11
5 - DB Sebastian Boyd - Mike Andrews - Sevsdast
6 - WR Ricardo Sawyer - Aengus MacTavish - Darknes
7 - LB Eddie Lawrence - Caleb Fuerst - Dan O’Mac
8 - RB Cristiano Sosa - Antero Simontaivo - osctheg
9 -  DB Thomas Cowherd - Caleb Fuerst - Dan O’Mac
10 - RB Louis Hopkins - Roque Resende - SteelersKenny
11 - LB Karl Johansen - Wally Flowers - Wallflower
12 - QB Jason Évora -  Roque Resende - SteelersKenny
13 - QB Armondo Gallo - Bernard King - Kingsfan11
14 - OL Steven Earlburg - Wally Flowers - Wallflower
15 - P Shane Lane - Ian Doyle-Miller - ItDoesntMatter
16 - Sargon Castelo - Frank Taylor - Slapshot Kirby
20 - Malcolm Bell - Timmy Bjarnathan - NoE38
21 - Johnny Johanssen - Jebediah Wander - Stickman
30 - TE Lucas Johannson - Gustav Korberg - Jayhawk

The other prospects not brought in through the ISC seem to be a bit weaker than normal. Offensive linemen Jerome McCabe and Marc Woods are the top 2, but DL Christopher McCraig may jump up to the top 10 due to the lack of good defensive linemen this draft. Any of the other 7 top guys may go anywhere from inside the top 5 to completely out of the 1st round.

Top 10 EFL Prospects
1 - OL Jerome McCabe
2 - OL Marc Woods
3 - DL Christopher McCraig
4 - RB Glenn McCullough
5 - QB Louis Crosby
6 - OL Aleixo Mendes
7 - LB Jim Curran
8 - TE Bento Freitas
9 - QB Kurt Griffith
10 - OL Dado Saraiva

With the 4 UFL teams entering the league, the EFL decided to hold a draft lottery with the 4 teams and the lowest 4 teams from the 1974 season. Saint Blaise won the lottery, and the only UFL team within the top 5 was Minola, who got the 3rd overall pick.

Draft Order and Needs:
1 - Saint Blaise Angels - WR TE DL LB DB S
Picks: 1 21 31 41
2- Sarnia Sparks - Everything lol
Picks: 15 22 30 42 70
3 - Minola Whales - OL QB WR TE DL S
Picks: 3 23 43 63
4 - Augusta Bulls - OL WR DL LB DB S
Picks: 4 24 27 44 67
5 - Pattalia Grizzlies - OL QB TE LB S
Picks: 5 25 45 65
6 - Colnica Stars - OL QB RB WR TE DL S
Picks: 6 26 46 66
7 - Arcanfall Wizards - DL LB DB S
Picks: 7 47 64
8 - Montagrada Roosters - OL LB DB S
Picks: 8 28 48 68
9 - Duvall Dragons - OL QB RB WR DL LB
Picks: 9 29 49 69
10 - Wrauport Pirates - QB WR S
Picks: 2 10 50 62 72
11 - Adelaide Owls - RB WR DL LB DB S
Picks: 11 31 51 71
12 - Hadley Gatekeepers - OL RB WR TE DL LB DB S
Picks: 12 32 76
13 - Fort McCleod Generals - RB WR DL DB
Picks: 13 33 53 73
14 -Ellesby Mariners - RB WR DL DB
Picks: 14 34 54 74
15 - Orcaster Racers - WR DL DB S
Picks: 35 55 75
16 - Homestead Reapers - OL WR S
Picks: 16 36 56 72
17 - Kierport Knights - OL QB WR TE LB DB S
Picks: 17 37 57 77
18 - Ashonta Miners - QB WR DL LB DB S
Picks: 18 38 52 58 78
19 - Tallokope City Anchors - OL QB WR DL LB S
Picks: 19 39 59 79
20 - Norfolk Lumberjacks - OL QB WR TE LB DB S
Picks: 20 40 60 80

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Re: Escalian Football League

I love those trade graphics! Great-looking and it's easy to see who gets what. Glad to see Overton at the top of the prospect list as well, it's just neat to see my guys doing well. Looking forward to the draft!

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Re: Escalian Football League

1975 EFL Draft - Round 1

Right before the first overall pick was to be selected by Commissioner Cullen, he called on ISC Chairman Dale Beckham to announce the first overall pick.

"Ladies and gentlemen, before I announce the first overall pick I'd like to thank Barrett (Cullen) and the rest of the Owner's Council for allowing me to expand the reach of the EFL across the entire globe, for without them the first 30 players scouted through the ISC may not even be standing here tonight. Enough with my showering of thanks, and now the moment I believe we're all waiting for. With the first overall pick in the 1975 Escalian Football League Entry Draft, the Saint Blaise Angels select Ryan Overton, linebacker, Montagrada University."

1 - Saint Blaise Angels - LB Ryan Overton - Montagrada University
With the Angels needing significant help in their linebacking core, Overton was the easy choice to potentially patch up their problems. While they do need a bit more help on the offensive side of the ball, improving their defense is a step in the right direction

Jimmy Yamamoto’s Scouting Report
Overton is the prototypical LB prospect: he has the drive and passion to keep himself going while having solid athleticism and great football IQ. He’ll make the right play more often than not, which will significantly help the Angels’ defensive game.

2 - Wrauport Pirates (From Sarnia) - QB Stephen Calhoun - Eastern Tallokope University
Wrauport has struggled to match the playoff berth they achieved in their inaugural season, and decided to go into a partial rebuild. To start off this rebuild, they trade up to the #2 spot to take the best QB off the board in Calhoun, whose success with the Thunderbirds is expected to carry over into the pros.

Dale Beckham’s Scouting Report
While he struggles to throw deep, Calhoun is amazingly consistent in his accuracy anywhere else. He’s more of the quiet type, but he’ll do anything told to him that will improve his playstyle. Although he’s not very mobile like most other star QB’s are, he’ll still get plenty of playtime in Wrauport.

3 - Minola Whales - DL Christopher McCraig - University of Huron
With what remained of their defensive line being mostly over 30, the Whales reached for McCraig, who seems to be a rather hit-or-miss player after only having one really good year with the Golden Eagles, with the rest of his seasons in college ending due to injury

4 - Augusta Bulls - OL Jerome McCabe - University of Argil
The Bulls would have gone with McCraig had the Whales had not chosen him the pick before them. In his place, Augusta chose to take McCabe to bolster their offensive line, seeing the potential that he had while in college.

5 - Pattalia Grizzlies - TE Bruno Marella - Homestead University
Pattalia is looking to patch themselves up to become a competitive team, and they'll start that off by picking the best tight end off the board to cover their greatest weakness on offense.

Bernard King’s Scouting Report
Marella is a beast of a tight end that can toss aside almost anyone. He’s built like a tank, and was one of the best blocking tight ends coming out of college. With the tight end position shifting more towards a complement to the passing game, Marella may stall the shift a bit further if he pans out like he should

Max Lacy was supposed to be the #3 best player in the draft but has dropped past 3 and looks to continue falling. Hadley was the most desperate for a good running back, as current RB Terrance Cockburn is looking at the wrong side of 35. Colnica was more than willing to cough up a bit more for moving down to #12, as they sent over WR Brian Davies in exchange for DB Jacques Kingston and Hadley’s 3rd round pick next year.

6 - Hadley Gatekeepers (From Colnica) - Max Lacy - Amsterdam, the Netherlands
With almost no surprise at who they were taking, Max Lacy would fall no longer as the Gatekeepers would swoop in and take the young RB to get them back into a playoff spot.

Wally Flowers’ Scouting Report
The only time you’ll see Lacy is when both teams are lined up at the line of scrimmage. Otherwise, he is just going to use his red-hot speed to outrun any defenders that have the misfortune of coming across his path, where he'll run over you like a stampede of wild bulls.

7 - Arcanfall Wizards - LB Eddie Lawrence - Ball’s Green, Gloucestershire, England
Although they nearly won the first United Bowl thanks to their offense, their defense had really bit them in the rear end last year. With the signing of DB Raleigh Gibson to improve their secondary, their linebacking core needed a boost. Lawrence was the best LB available, so it didn’t take long for the Wizards to take him at #7.

Caleb Fuerst’s Scouting Report
Lawrence wanted to become another great soccer star like every other boy in England, but he found he was better at the other brand of football. Because of growing up on soccer, he can follow the ball, has great footwork, and has amazing speed for a linebacker. But because he knew the other football for longer, he still needs to work on effectively tackling people and his handwork.

8 - Montagrada Roosters - DB Sebastian Boyd - Georgia Tech, U.S.A
Montagrada already has a very solid defense, but a couple of holes opened up in their secondary this offseason. With nothing to lose, they select Sebastian Boyd in hopes of strengthening their young DB core.

Mike Andrews’ Scouting Report
Boyd is a very well-rounded defensive back that really doesn’t excel at anything. He’s solid enough to potentially become a starter, but has a bit of a temper while playing which many are unsure if that will affect his play on the field.

9 - Duvall Dragons - WR Ricardo Sawyer - Ekwatora University
The departure of QB Harold Bauer to Fort McLeod left Duvall with many questions. Will 2nd-year QB Tim McClain take the reins this year? Will they draft another QB to contend for the starting job? Will they solidify the core that Bauer left behind? The Dragons decided to let McClain stay around for a year and start to build a core around him, resulting in WR Ricardo Sawyer being taken to boost their receiving core.

Aengus MacTavish’s Scouting Report
Sawyer’s main drawing point is his massive vertical, which can be used to jump over or on top of many of the tallest defenders in the league, and his ability to quickly move around any defender that he didn’t win in a jump ball. He brings a great amount of energy to the field, and Duvall hopes that energy will breathe new life into the team

Wrauport still had the #10 pick and was banking on Sawyer to fall to them, but the Dragons swooped in and stole it from them. When looking for someone to take their pick, Orcaster raced in and took up their offer. They gave up LB Lee Rogers as well as a 2nd Round Pick in exchange for the #10 pick and a swapping of 4th rounders

10 - Orcaster Racers (From Wrauport) - TE Bento Freitas - Verbena University
With their success from last year, the Racers are looking to improve on their playoff berth and make a deeper playoff run. With tight end one of their greatest weaknesses on offense, the Racers pounced and took what they thought was the better tight end in the draft. Freitas is built more like a receiver, and many have turned away due to his low weight for a tight end. However, the Racers are looking to gamble to gain more success.

11 - Adelaide Owls - LB Jim Curran - Arcanora University
Adelaide’s linebacker core is pretty old, and adding in the next-best LB to fill in with the transition the team is going through may help the Owls get back on their feet and winning again

12 - Colnica Stars (From Hadley) - TE Clifford Perez - Taerrisia Provincial
Hopping along on the tight end train, the Stars take on a new tight end in hopes of improving their already young and enticing receiving core.

13 - Fort McLeod Generals - DB Floyd Horn - Toukier Provincial
The Generals are looking to have some brief success with Bauer now on the team, and decided to patch up the holes in order to make a playoff run in a very tough division. Horn was the best DB available to help the defense perform at the level of their offense

14 - Ellesby Mariners - OL Marc Woods - University of Adelaide
Dropping all the way to 14, the Mariners scooped up the #2 lineman in the draft in hopes of keeping up with the Knights in the North and protecting what remains of QB Matt Kollen and new RB Phillip Lynch

15 - Sarnia Sparks (From Orcaster 1974) - OL Aleixo Mendez - Northern Cormarca University
While everyone was arguing over whether McCabe or Woods were the best offensive linemen, the Sparks believed that relatively unknown Mendez had the most potential as a lineman. The Sparks desperately need to find an identity for themselves, and drafting a great lineman is a step towards finding it.

16 - Homestead Reapers - DB Thomas Cowherd - University of Huron
The Reapers needed to find a replacement for the departed DB Jon Cole, and they believe they found it in the controversial figure of Cowherd

Caleb Fuerst’s Scouting Report
Cowherd is the type of defensive back that would put you in a coffin to prevent them from catching a pass. Although he hits extremely hard, the main reason for his controversy is his character issues. He frequently talks down to both his teammates and opponents, and got into way too many fights while in college. The Reapers hope to turn down the antics off the field and have his aggressiveness only on the field

17 - Kierport Knights - RB Christiano Sosa - Tallokope University
After backup RB Cliff Frost didn’t produce when starter Robert Underwood was injured, the Knights began to panic when their team made the semi-finals last year off an amazing year from QB Arnie Kruger. Knowing that Underwood can’t be their starter for the rest of his career, the Knights drafting his protégé in Christiano Sosa, who was believed to match the better RB in this year’s draft, Max Lacy

Antero Simontaivo’s Scouting Report
Sosa hasn’t been the most flashy or talented player throughout college, but he significantly makes up for it with his work ethic. He’s the guy who will get up at the crack of dawn to train and watch film to improve his game. He’s great with his footwork, but is only about average in his speed.

18 - Ashonta Miners - DL Ollie Clifton - University of Minnesota, U.S.A.
The Miners’ defensive line is either getting old or isn’t cutting it anymore. They decided to take a bit of a risk and select an American on the line, who might even be better than the #1 DL of McCraig.

Caleb Fuerst’s Scouting Report
Clifton has both the height and weight that scouts want to see in a lineman. He has great speed coming off the line and can challenge the strongest offensive lines. However, he's the type of guy to get into scraps with players, and can’t sustain his speed coming off the line.

19 - Tallokope City Anchors - Karl Johansen - Northern Cormarca University
The largest weakness within the Anchors’ already great defense was their linebacking core with the loss of longtime starter John Hays. With success already, the Anchors can afford taking a risk with the unproven LB in Johansen

Wally Flowers’ Scouting Report
Like with the #3 overall pick, Johansen hasn’t had much playing time due to becoming a starter in his junior year of college. However, in that time he’s proven that he deserves a starting role with any team. He’s amazing against the run and has become one of the hardest hitters in college. However, his aggressive playstyle has taken some scouts off guard. While he makes an impressive play every once in a while, he’ll overcommit on the next play and make a fool of himself.

20 - Norfolk Lumberjacks - OL Dado Saraiva - Cormarca University
With having most of their key players around for the next couple of years, the Lumberjacks made the smart choice and decided to develop their already great offensive line with a solid pick in Saraiva.

C&C Appreciated! How'd your team or players do? Who won the first round?
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Re: Escalian Football League

Excited to see Overton go first overall! He should be a big get for the Angels and I think he'll be a great player for them for a long time.

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Re: Escalian Football League

1975 EFL Draft - Rounds 2-4 

2nd Round 
Right before the 21st overall pick, the Angels dealt it away to the Roosters in exchange for WR Marcelos Paiva and their 4th round pick next year, where Montagrada would take LB Douglas Stephenson.

The second round was primarily a defensive round, with over half of the players taken on the defensive side of the ball. Ashonta, Pattalia and Wrauport were the other teams to take a LB to create solid cores. Hadley, Duvall, and Minola looked to lock down the defensive line. Adelaide, Augusta, and Sarnia wanted to solidify their secondary by selecting DB’s. Montagrada also selected a safety, with Ellebsy joining them to create new life in an aging secondary core. QB’s bookended this round, with Sarnia and Norfolk looking for backup options by taking Louis Crosby and Uriah Thomas, respectively.  

21 - MON (from STB) - LB Douglas Stephenson 
22 - SAR - QB Louis Crosby
23 - MIN - DL Sargon Castelo - Slapshot Kirby
24 - AUG - DB Louis Williamson
25 - PAT - LB Johnny Johanssen - Stickman
26 - COL - WR Hamilton Lewis - ItDoesntMatter
27 - AUG (from ARC) WR Mason Matthews - Wallflower
28 - MON - S Américo Pacheco
29 - DUV - DL Kelly Quinn
30 - SAR (from WRA) - DB Frederick Theodore - ItDoesntMatter
31 - ADL - DB Cesário Cortes
32 - HAD  - DL James Springer
33 - FTM - QB Kurt Griffith
34 - ELB - S Harvey Gilmore
35 - WRA (from ORC) - LB Frank Massey
36 - HOM - OL Anthony Brandt
37 - KIE - OL Steven Earlburg - Wallflower
38 - ASH - LB Ismael Pimentel
39 - TCA - OL Darryl Olson
40 - NOR - QB Uriah Thomas - Dan O’Mac 

Round 3 
The third round would start teams looking for the gaps to fill their holes rather than taking the best available player. The Wizards took a major risk with P Shane Lane, who was seen as one of the greatest punting prospects back in the States before a stagnant college career took him to Escalia over the NFL.  

41 - STB - QB Jason Évora - SteelersKenny
42 - SAR  - WR Micael Alves - DireBear
43 - MIN - OL Grady Thomas - ItDoesntMatter
44 - AUG - DL Florencio Queiros
45 - PAT - DB Valentin Mendez
46 - COL - S Russell Ratliff
47 - ARC - P Shane Lane - ItDoesntMatter
48 - MON - OL Ludwig Karlsson - Dan O’Mac
49 - DUV - OL Leo Shepard
50 - WRA - TE Charles Morton
51 - ADL - DL Felipe Serra
52 - ASH (from HAD) - P Kim Shapiro
53 - FTM - TE Malcolm Bell - NoE38
54 - ELB - OL Joe Hansen - ItDoesntMatter
55 - ORC - K Freddie Massey
56 - HOM - WR Cláudio de Sá
57 - KIE - DB Tommy Fox
58 - ASH - DB Harold Hobbs
59 - TCA - DB Martim Seixas
60 - NOR - WR Warren Austin 

Round 4 
The fourth and final round was more of the same following the third round. There weren’t any major players that fell, and were mostly expected to be backups or have potential to take over when older players on their new teams retire. 

61 - STB - QB Manoel Bastos
62 - ORC (from WRA via SAR) - LB Glenn Armstrong
63 - MIN - S Domingos Queiroz
64 - ARC (from AUG) - OL Earl Franks
65 - PAT - P Louis Field
66 - COL - QB Benigno Couto
67 - AUG (from ARC) - WR Karl Doyle
68 - MON - TE Felipe Ribeiro
69 - DUV - K Dennis Henson
70 - SAR (from WRA) - WR Pedro Silva
71 - ADL - RB Glenn McCullough
72 - HOM (from HAD) - OL Herbert Donovan
73 - FTM - DL Patrick Nicholson - DireBear
74 - ELB - WR David Fry
75 - WRA (from ORC) - OL Leslie Pruitt
76 - HAD (from HOM) - TE Nicholas Short
77 - KIE - K Edward Brown
78 - ASH - RB Louis Hopkins - SteelersKenny
79 - TCA - RB Johnny Tarr - Darknes
80 - NOR - TE Lucas Johannson - Jayhawk

Welp, there's the entire draft! I'll have the 1975 season posted sometime.... soon. I have no idea when I'll get it done so just hang in there. I mean it's not like I'm known for my posting consistency...

C&C Appreciated!


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Re: Escalian Football League

How did Ryan Overton get drafted at 39 AND 40?

7/18/2021 12:16 pm  #277

Re: Escalian Football League

Dan O'Mac wrote:

How did Ryan Overton get drafted at 39 AND 40?

Yeah, I caught that error on my end as well and fixed that just as you posted that. Thanks for the catch though!
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7/20/2021 7:43 pm  #278

Re: Escalian Football League

Are the goal posts on the goal line or in the back of the end zone in the EFL?


7/26/2021 11:36 pm  #279

Re: Escalian Football League

Is this thread dead?

I  l I K E  t H I S

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Re: Escalian Football League

H-Town1141 wrote:

Is this thread dead?

Probably not. You can’t rush art.
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