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1/08/2021 2:29 pm  #211

Re: Escalian Football League

Wow Mariners... you really let me down on this one.

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1/08/2021 2:37 pm  #212

Re: Escalian Football League

Naturally, the Mariners let their fans down. I'll be pulling for the Dragons on this one.


1/08/2021 3:27 pm  #213

Re: Escalian Football League

Definitely pulling for the Miners to win this one.  Gotta hate Duval all the more after narrowly beating us..... no repeat for us this time!


1/17/2021 2:46 pm  #214

Re: Escalian Football League

12th Escalian Cup: Duvall Dragons @ Ashonta Miners 

Even with their history in the latter part of the 60’s and into the 70’s, the Escalian Cup has never been played within Hadley’s Harbour Coliseum. It may have rustled a few feathers for Gatekeepers fans that the two teams to play in their stadium are the team that overthrew them in the North, and the team they faced the most in the Escalian Cup. Almost no blue was in the stands, instead filled with nearly 60,000 fans clad in brown and gold and red as the Dragons kicked the ball away to the Miners to begin the 12th Escalian Cup. Ashonta did what they were good at doing all year, and that would be scoring on their first possession. QB Daniel Haumann found TE Ben Wheeler in the back of the endzone for 5 yards to take an early 7-0 lead to begin the game. Duvall had some unfortunate luck on their first drive, with OPOY QB Harold Bauer making a rare mistake and threw off target right into the hands of ASH DB Peter Tobias. Ashonta made something off of the turnover, as they sailed one right through the uprights to extend their lead by 3. Duvall didn’t make another mistake on their next drive, with RB Placid Smith taking the helm as he rushed for 40 yards on the drive and snuck into the endzone for a yard to keep the game within 3. The Miners got one last drive together before the end of the quarter, but again were held just short of the redzone as they nailed another 3 in to increase their lead to 6. 
END OF Q1: 13-7 ASH
Duvall got off to a bad start to begin the 2nd, as they punted on back-to-back possessions after going 3 and out on both, and then on their third drive WR Alvin Paul fumbled the ball attempting to extend the play, and the ball ended up in the Miners’ hands. Ashonta didn’t get into range to score a TD, but they did put another 3 on the board on a 47 yard kick by K Melvin Leach. The Dragons still were unable to produce anything on offense, as they were held to a goose egg this quarter. The Miners on the other hand got one last drive in before the end of the half, but were held short of the endzone as Leach kicked another 3 in for Ashonta to end the half.
END OF Q2: 19-7 ASH
After multiple adjustments were made to the Dragons offense during the halftime break, they came out firing, with Bauer finding Paul on a quick slant that ended up going to the house for a 74 yard TD to bring the game within a TD for Duvall. After forcing Ashonta to punt on their first drive of the half, the Dragons got back rolling and found themselves plowing through the Miners defense that held them to only 7 in the first half. Their momentum lasted right up until the goal line, where the Ashonta D-Line made an amazing goal line stand and held the Dragons to 3 and kept the Miners in the lead. They ended up extending their lead on their next drive, as RB Leonard Arts ran it into the endzone on a 32 yarder to increase their lead to 9.
END OF Q3: 26-17 ASH
The game that seemed like it was going to be a blowout just got a lot closer, and a 17 yard pass from Bauer to WR Abram Radcliff made the game even closer, as the Dragons were now within 2 points of the lead. The Miners quickly retaliated with a drive of their own, and they scored the first TD since the first quarter on a 5 yard pass from Haumann to WR Jordan Samson. The Dragons wouldn’t go out with that score, and quickly worked their way down field on their next drive they got the game within 2 points again on a 1 yard sneak by Smith, but not after chewing away almost 7 minutes of clock, leaving the Miners with 2 minutes to chew away to win their second Cup. The Dragons had a chance to stop the Miners on 3rd down and get the ball back to score any points, but Arts parted the defensive line to get the first down, and the clock wound down to allow Ashonta to come away with their second Escalian Cup
FINAL: 33-31 ASH 

Daniel Haumann took home the MVP award, topping NOR QB Nathan Slezak as the youngest player to win at 24 years old, where Slezak was 25 when he took home the award. He finished the game with a modest statline of 2 TD’s and 278 yards passing, although Duvall’s Harold Bauer finished with more passing yards at 289 and had the same amount of TD’s and many argued that he should have been in contention for MVP. “When I was drafted into the Miners family, “ said Haumann in a later interview “I never expected to take home two Cups. I was just happy enough to be taken number 1 overall, and so I had to make my mark to prove that was the right decision. It turns out it was, and I can’t wait to do more with this team!” 

And with that done, the next thing up is the unveiling of the UFL teams! Which probably won't be out for awhile since school started back up for me and the AltBA going as well may limit the amount of time I have. Until then, C&C appreciated!

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1/17/2021 2:50 pm  #215

Re: Escalian Football League

Dang, the Dragons couldn't get it done. Congrats to the Miners and I'm excited to see the UFL teams!


1/17/2021 3:07 pm  #216

Re: Escalian Football League

Entertaining game, and a good win for the Miners. Congrats for a second time Ashonta.


2/23/2021 10:14 pm  #217

Re: Escalian Football League

Well I'm finally back after a fairly long hiatus! This offseason was a fairly big one so I'll be breaking it up into two parts, the first being the EFL offseason and the second will be the UFL and all 6 of its teams

Part 1: EFL 

Inaugural Hall of Fame Class 
Shortly after the Miners hoisted their second Cup, Commissioner Merrill made one of his last actions as commissioner by introducing the inaugural 1972 class for the Hall of Fame. The only requirement to be considered for entry was that any considered player, coach, or executive must have been out of the league for at least 4 years. The internal committee of league owners, general managers and players came out with the first 6 people in the Escalian Football Hall of Fame. The first two inductees come from before the league’s founding, while the remaining 4 are more well-known names: 

Mark Roscoe (HC, Kier University, 1940-1963)
Roscoe was one of the first innovators of football in Escalia, bringing over modern schemes from the NFL and implementing his own spin on the game, resulting in the run-heavy offenses that were popular in the 50’s and early 60’s. Many coaches in the EFL came from under him, making Roscoe one of the most influential coaches to have ever coached an EFL game. 
Herbie Ward (RB, Toukier Provincial 1933-1936, Hadley 1950)
One of the first truly dominant players in Escalian football, his greatness put his name on the award for the nation’s best college player, an award he won three times in a row. He didn’t play ball for nearly 15 years, but came to professional football for a one-off year to bring popularity to the game. 
Chester von Essen (LB, amateur 1947-1953, Duvall 1953-1965) 
Devin Augustine (DB, amateur 1941-1956, Orcaster 1956-1961) 
Phillip Keyes (LB, Ellesby 1955-1960, Adelaide 1960-1967) 

Derrick Acker (RB, Kierport 1954-1967)

1972 Expansion Teams
To close out the Hall of Fame ceremony, Merrill’s last act as commissioner was to welcome in the latest expansion teams to the league, the Sarnia Sparks and the Wrauport Pirates.

Sarnia Sparks
About the City:
Sarnia was founded by immigrants who came from around Lake Huron after droughts in Canada during the 1890’s forced them into the Triplet Lakes area. Naturally, they named the new town after the largest settlement on Huron. Since its founding, Sarnia has become a prime location for innovation in the country, particularly in the energy sector. Nearby Triplet Lakes University has consistently ranked as one of the most innovative colleges in the nation, and has brought new ways for energy usage for both hydroelectric and nuclear power. Sarnia has grown significantly in recent years, and is closing in on becoming the most populous city in the New Huron province. Owner Dick Baumer is no stranger to the energy sector, as he owns the largest energy provider in the province, Triplet Lakes Energy. TLE Stadium has been purposely built for football, and looks to be one the league’s best at around 57,000 seats. 

About the Team:
With all this mentioning of energy, Baumer decided to name his new team the Sparks. Black and Gold were chosen as the colors, with a brighter gold color to differentiate themselves from Kierport. Their logo will be a golden spark with a modern-style S in the middle, representing the city’s energy and progress to become a modern city. Going with this modern theme, the Sparks ditch the traditional sleeve striping and instead go for their spark logo with the TV numbers in them. When questioned about this design, Baumer only commented to not get comfortable with these uniforms, as they’ll change them frequently to “keep up with the trends.” 

Wrauport Pirates
About the City:
Wrauport, as its name implies, is a port city on the western coast of Escalia, and is another rapidly growing metropolis, looking to enter the top 20 in population within the next couple of years. Although it was the 3rd largest port city in the country during the colonial years, it was the hub for piracy heading towards the Caribbean.The city still remembers that time in its past, with many famous pirate hideouts and trading hubs deemed local landmarks by the city. Wrauport, along with its shipping industry, has grown a prominent nightlife culture in the city’s Golden Hill district. This drew plenty of people into the city to make it big here, including owner Luka Stenberg, a first-generation Escalian whose parents immigrated from Norway and quickly made a name for themselves in the shipping industry with Arrow Logistics. Stenberg couldn’t secure enough funding from the city for a brand-new stadium for their first year, so the Pirates will instead play in the old Port Stadium until they can build their permanent home.

About the Team:
Stenberg decided to name the team the Pirates after the same pirates who called the city their base of operations and to somewhat honor the shipping industry he grew up in. The team went with a red and silver color scheme, with their main logo being a tattered flag attached to a cutlass. The uniforms are fairly traditional, with the only unusual thing about them are the red facemasks which are the first to not be gray, white, or gold in the league. 

1972 Entry Draft: 
1st - Wrauport: RB James Radcliff (University of Pattal)
2nd - Sarnia: DL Rory Brown (Kier University)
3rd - Augusta: LB Marwin MacDonald (Toukier Provincial)
4th - Pattalia: RB Lukas Dreyer (Triplet Lakes University)
5th - Kierport: WR Scott Boon (Taerrisia Provincial)
6th - Orcaster: QB Fred Pond (University of Decontro)
7th - Fort McLeod: OL Chester Gibbs (University of Pattal)
8th - Tallokope City: RB Mitchell Gallagher (Bristol University)
9th - Adelaide: QB Lyle Joseph (Great Plains Provincial)
10th - Saint Blaise: WR Marcelo Santos (University of Decontro)
11th - Homestead: DB Alex Magnusson (Pascoa Provincial)
12th - Hadley: OL Dick Hagen (University of Toukier-Hadley)
13th -  Ellesby: DL Whitney Sousa (Pascoa Provincial)
14th - Norfolk: OL Theo Mays (University of Decontro)
15th - Duvall: LB Oscar van Essen (Howle College)
16th - Ashonta: OL Walker Abramson (Arcanora Tech)

Player Movement:
The largest player news surrounding this offseason was with Owls QB Terry Rogers. It was quite the open secret that the Owls were going to move on with him and draft a new QB in the upcoming draft. Rogers, now 36, refused to mentor another young QB only for him to be benched and demanded to be traded to a team who wanted him. Surprisingly, no team was interested in him within the EFL, but George Curtis offered a spot in the UFL where he’d be guaranteed a starting job. Rogers defected to the UFL, signing with Curtis’ Colnica team, starting off a wave of defectors from the EFL who had yet to sign the Player’s Union contract, which includes:
ADL DB Xavier Castelo > Arcanfall
ADL WR Herbie Kynaston > Colnica
AUG P Denny Stenger > Colnica
DUV QB Carl Elliston > Montagrada
ELB LB Finn Mendes > Arcanfall
KIE WR Roman Hutmaker > Decontro
NOR RB Roger Brown > Arcanfall
ORC QB Rudy Aleshire > Arcanfall

Kierport’s OL Calvin Spearing finally hung up his cleats after 18 years of play. He was one of the all-star linemen that defended legendary names Acker and Dane. This offseason plenty of older offensive linemen also retired, including HAD OL Rowan Cook and NOR OL Luther Braxton, whose presence will be missed after playing for 14 and 10 years, respectively. 

Other League News:
After introducing the Sparks and Pirates, Commissioner Merrill officially retired from commissioner duties and majority ownership of the Gatekeepers. The latter succession was already known, as his eldest son Charlie Merrill took full control over. The Owner’s Council debated long hours to find the replacement for Merrill, and shortly after Merrill left the stand, Tobias Paxton took the stand to announce the second commissioner, Duvall GM Barrett Cullen. It wasn’t much of a surprise that he’d be the next commish, as he was one of the frontrunners to replace Merrill. He didn’t have much to say about what his vision of the league would be or how they would deal with the UFL, only that he wished that his tenure as commissioner would be as exciting as in years past.

Part 2 coming soon! C&C appreciated!

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2/23/2021 11:19 pm  #218

Re: Escalian Football League

Part 2: UFL

Before the first draft, the UFL seemed to be more experimental in its rules compared to the more traditional NFL-alike EFL. Some of the main differences were the faster pace of play, with a shortened play clock (30 seconds -> 25 seconds) and the 2-point conversion, as well as adding a form of free agency (any player could sign anywhere as long as their contract was up, as all players sign 1 year deals every year). All players signed were also encouraged to join the league’s own player union, the Union of Escalian Professional Football Players (UEPFP), where they would have more of a say in how the league worked compared to the EFL. 

The Inaugural UFL draft took place in Colnica, and was decided upon by a random draw. Great Horn won the first overall pick, and the other teams proceeded to pick players for 10 rounds total. The first round went as such: 
1st - Great Horn: QB Ralph Cuypers (University of New Huron)
2nd - Arcanfall: QB Percy Gapler (Cormarca University)
3rd - Colnica: RB Thomas Amsel (University of Decontro)
4th - Decontro: DL Chris Richards (Cormarca University)
5th - Minola: LB Nathaniel Hunnicutt (Montagrada University
6th - Montagrada: RB Geoffrey Langenberg (Tallokope University) 

During the draft, each of the 6 teams were revealed. The teams were the: 
Arcanfall Wizards
Colnica Stars
Decontro Roosters
Great Horn Bison
Minola Whales
Montagrada Explorers 

Arcanfall Wizards
About the City:
Arcanfall, once known as Arcan Falls, sits on the bend of the Arcan River, and acts as the gateway between the English and Portuguese parts of Escalia. Its downtown is very much a mix between English and Portuguese cultures and building styles, and it has a mix of those cultures present in the city. The city also acts as a secondary media city out east, second only to Colnica to the north. Eddy Clement is the right-hand man to league owner George Curtis, and Clement’s hometown of Arcanfall was his pick for the league. He went with the Wizards, a play on the city’s nickname of “Magic City”, and chose a purple and orange-gold color because “they looked nice together like on a wizard’s robe.” Their main logo is an old-looking wizard, but only his hat is used on the uniforms, which are fairly traditional. 

Colnica Stars
Colnica has become the media capital of Escalia in recent years, with most of the nation’s top TV and radio stations either having headquarters in the city or having regional offices within the metropolis. It’s currently competing with Montagrada as the largest metropolis on the east coast, but Colnica is currently losing the fight due to its lack of industry specialization and slower rate of suburban sprawl. George Curtis’ hometown was the first location known due to the amount of times he tried to get a team in the city, and he wants to make his team known. Their logo set features a star with red, purple, and white stripes, and their uniform is anything but traditional. Their star logo wraps around the helmet, and their uniform has multicolored stripes on their pants and on their away set. 

Decontro Roosters
Decontro City is one of the oldest continuous settlements in Escalia, and is one the largest Portuguese cities in the world. Decontro City is one of the few major cities in the country that a majority speaks more Portuguese than English. The Portuguese culture bleeds right into the identity, with the name coming from the Rooster of Barcelos, one of the symbols of national pride for the Portuguese culture, and the colors coming straight from the Portuguese flag. Owner Isidoro Fernandes, the owner of regional supermarket chain Izzi’s, made the Roosters very traditional to reflect the traditions of the Portuguese people in Escalia, and he hopes that his team plays the old-school version of football that dragged him into the sport. 

Great Horn Bison
The second-smallest capital city, Great Horn is a small sprawling city in the middle of the Great Plains. It mostly gets overshadowed by the larger Homestead to the east and Talvertia to the north, but it makes its own way through the agricultural business. A booming real estate market is helping its slow growth, and Curtis and league ownership hope that it grows more and becomes a major market instead of a mix between urban and suburban lifestyle. Chris Matheson is one of the real estate moguls that have made it big in the city, and chose the Bison as the team name, after the Bison that migrate across the Great Plains every year. An unconventional red and brown scheme was chosen, as well as forgoing a traditional helmet logo for bison horns instead, like the LA Rams of the NFL. 

Minola Whales
Colnica’s cousin up the Pascoa River, Minola is a fairly traditional city for being one of the largest vacation destinations in the entire country. The city has embraced its fame as the country’s spring break location with the opening of many new tourist attractions, including the state-of-the-art Escalia’s Wonderland set to be completed by 1976, partially financed by Taft Broadcasting who mainly operates King’s Island back in the States. Morgan Cobb is one of the main investors in the amusement park, and looks to add a football team to the city to expand its variety. Cobb chose the Whales as the name, with a simple blue and white color scheme as a reference to the many whales that people see off the coast of the city. 

Montagrada Explorers
Resting at the base of Mount Grata, Montagrada features a mix of Portuguese and English culture like Arcanfall and Decontro City, but leans on its English side more often than not. Most outsiders liken it to a “Montreal but Portuguese”-type city, but it is much more than that. It is one of the most religiously active communities, the surrounding scenery is one of the best in the nation, and is one the most historically relevant places in the nation, with the city being a launching point for many explorers to journey inland and find what was in there. Owner Carlito Escarcega wanted to honor the third, and named his team the Explorers, with a simple red and white color scheme and a simple M on top of a compass. Although the team does look nice, it was given the cold shoulder by Curtis, who focused his efforts on making the other teams up to standard while allowing the Explorers to become an afterthought. 

And that's the offseason! Which team is your favorite? C&C Appreciated!

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2/24/2021 3:37 pm  #219

Re: Escalian Football League

Wizards: I would tweak the beard a little bit. The star shaping of the beard seems a little forced.

Roosters: The colors remind me a little too much of the Kellogg's Corn Flakes rooster.


2/24/2021 3:41 pm  #220

Re: Escalian Football League

I am a very big fan of the Stars' look, but the simplicity of the Bison is also very nice. Great work!


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