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5/20/2020 11:46 am  #11

Re: The Story of Driveball

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5/20/2020 1:18 pm  #12

Re: The Story of Driveball

Rugrat wrote:


Ah, a man of culture, I see.
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5/20/2020 4:16 pm  #13

Re: The Story of Driveball


Venue: Delorimier Stadium

Owner: Pascal Trembay, 29. A Montreal playboy socialite.

Head Coach: Pierre Raoul
General Manager: Benoit Roussel
Forwards Coach: Yanis Duprat
Midfielders Coach: Leonard Bourgoin
Backs Coach: Noam Didier
Trainer: Dr. Xavier Mercier


29 - Remy Olivier
31 - Allen Eisner
10 - Thibault Briere
13 - Butch Palmer
9 - Valentin Brouchard
18 - Dick Hammond
5 - Cedric Giraud
3 - Edgar Molina
15 - Laurent Fleury

36 - Earl Dreyfus
60 - Joe DiPaola
35 - Hugo Lacroix
45 - Herman Blair
43 - Mickey Ingram
56 - Duane Gill
39 - Stanley Hendrickson
32 - Delbert Doyle

73 - Jean-Luc Bouvier
85 - Bennie Fish
91 - Pierre Dussault
77 - Fabien Chiron
99 - Carl Church
89 - Jackie Cohen
72 - Hal Sutton
96 - Lowell Flowers
80 - Marion Dickerson


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5/20/2020 5:56 pm  #14

Re: The Story of Driveball

Montreal might just be my favorite team in this
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5/20/2020 11:39 pm  #15

Re: The Story of Driveball


Cleveland Municipal Stadium

Owner: Bruno Scarfiotti, 28. Playboy and socialite. Son of Carmine Scarfiotti, the wealthiest man in Northeastern Ohio.

Nickname: Most of the original Driveball owners saw the game as just a hobby, something to take their minds off their day jobs. But from the very start, Scarfiotti strongly believed Driveball, if harnessed correctly, could potentially become the fifth major sport in North America. A Cleveland Plain Dealer columnist scoffed at such a bold prediction, dismissing Scarfiotti as being "mad as a hatter." Originally, Scarfiotti planned to call his team the Cardinals after the Ohio state bird, but when confronted with the Plain Dealer's jab, he took the insult and made it into what he hopes would be a badge of honor.

Head Coach: Lyle Waring
General Manager: Maurice Hoffman
Forwards Coach: Webster Luske
Midfielders Coach: Herb Katz
Backs Coach: Milt Stokes
Trainer: Dr. Basil O'Connor


6 - Art Tempest
28 - Stan Quackenbush
4 - Bill Marsh
17 - Jerry Whitaker
8 - Eric O'Brien
18 - Preston Tate
30 - Alfred Ratner
22 - Donald Wentworth
11 - Wolfgang Vogel

36 - Marv Ackerman
49 - Lynn Ferguson
40 - Dick Roberts
60 - Victor Bradbury
33 - Ralph Tobin
53 - David Livingston
54 - Hugo Rinaldi
48 - Leslie Duncan

73 - George Bianchi
81 - Butch Hitchcock
72 - Hal Sharpsteen
79 - Carl Napier
83 - Harry Friedman
84 - Casper Woodson
97 - Darryl Fleischer
76 - Tony Ricci
67 - Chester Fox


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5/21/2020 12:14 am  #16

Re: The Story of Driveball


Venue: Briggs Stadium

Owner: Russell Darby, 60. Chief executive officer of Darby Automobile Company.

Head Coach and Director of Driveball Operations: Hal Pearlman

Forwards Coach: Vance Upton
Midfielders Coach: Phil Harris
Backs Coach: Ted Lillard
Trainer: Dr. Sebastian Gilbert


22 - Ollie McKennon
18 - Shepard Bolger
16 - Leslie Menken
30 - Pete Thompson
19 - Ray Kelley
21 - Ike Rose
5 - Luke Morris
24 - Humphrey Jones
1 - Fred Gordon

37 - Philip Young
44 - Vern Stallings
52 - George De Wolfe
34 - Billy Putnam
43 - Norm Lawless
50 - Harry Vincent
60 - Tobin Van Pelt
58 - Earl Duchamp

95 - Theo Noble
83 - Leo Meyers
84 - Pat Wilder
70 - Bob Underwood
69 - Don Hughes
74 - Barney Nordberg
72 - Charlie O'Doul
87 - Lester Flanders
79 - Maurice Sawa


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5/21/2020 10:19 am  #17

Re: The Story of Driveball

Cleveland and Detroit both look amazing! Keep it up! (BTW, nice backstory for Cleveland's name)
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5/21/2020 4:46 pm  #18

Re: The Story of Driveball


Venue: Zollner Stadium

Owner: Fred Zollner, owner of the Zollner Pistons of the National Basketball League.

Nickname: The Seeds are named in honor of John Chapman, aka Johnny Appleseed, a local cultural icon in the Fort Wayne area. In recent years, a fictionalized retelling of Chapman's journey was adapted by Walt Disney in the 1948 package film Melody Time.

Head Coach and General Manager: Jerry De Mille
Forwards Coach: Horace Walden
Midfielders Coach: Conrad Bogart
Backs Coach: Lionel Goldberg


Bernie Berman
Red Hardwick
Eddie Friedman
Glenn Duvall
Gus Dryer
Bert Johnson
Chuck Spencer
Butch McDavid
Cotton Franklin

Murray Fillion
Carroll Burke
Nelson Raymond
King Cameron
Frank Podolak
Merv Phillips
Harvey Benoit
Max O'Brien

Fritz Thunberg
Pat Christensen
Milt Dixon
Ward Anderson
Quentin Irons
Sonny O'Grady
Bob Ginsburg
Al Clark
Art Swift


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5/21/2020 4:49 pm  #19

Re: The Story of Driveball

I like the Appleseeds uniforms, and they probably would be pretty popular with the Hoosier fans of Indiana.
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5/21/2020 4:57 pm  #20

Re: The Story of Driveball

Dan O'Mac wrote:

I like the Appleseeds uniforms, and they probably would be pretty popular with the Hoosier fans of Indiana.

Yeah I would bet the colors are a turnoff for Purdue and Notre Dame fans
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