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Names » Professional Women's Hockey League Nicknames » 12/08/2023 5:07 pm

I have been anxiously awaiting word from the PWHL about team nicknames. The league's regular season starts on January 1 and there has been no news. I completely understand that this is a new venture, and by their own admission they have worked with a tight timeline in getting things going, so I'm prepared to cut them a little lack (not that they need my blessing).But, I'm kind of geeky about nicknames and was hoping they would be in place by now. There have been some names filed, but, in my opinion they are underwhelming at best.
The names that have been filed are:

Toronto Torch
Montreal Echo
Ottawa Alert
Minnesota Superior
Boston Wicked
New York Sound

I have a hard time with all of them because none of them have an "S" at the end, and that seems to be the norm with most women's sports nicknames, but I don't like it. Again, they don't need my blessing.

So now I ask all of you - "Name the Teams".
I have three criteria, although none are written in stone. 1. Location specific; 2. With the female gender in mind; 3. Please have an "S" on the end. Some of the listed names above would work. The Ottawa Alerts, were a female team from the 1920's, so I like the historical value, but why Alert and not Alerts.
Thank you in advance. I look forward to reading everyone's thoughts.

Names » Womens Pro Fastpitch Softball » 12/26/2022 6:21 pm

As promised, here are the names for the Southern Association, the fourth league that will join three others (All-American, West Coast and East Coast) to form the National Fastpitch Alliance (NFA) beginning in June 2023.

Atlanta Peaches
Birmingham Belles
Dallas Redwings
Houston Magnolias
Memphis Queens
Nashville B's
New Orleans Crescents
Oklahoma City Tornadoes
Thank you to those who participated in the search for nicknames. Some of the suggestions re-affirmed names I was contemplating, others were a direct influence in their own right, and still others helped me to dig deeper to come to a final decision.

Names » Womens Pro Fastpitch Softball » 12/23/2022 1:50 pm

Mathemortician wrote:

Here are my ideas:

Atlanta Firecrackers
Birmingham Blacksmiths
Dallas Cowgirls
Houston Heroines
Memphis Cleopatras
Nashville Notes
New Orleans Voodoo Dolls
Oklahoma City Oilettes

Would you mind sharing the names you have for the other leagues or do want to keep those secret?

Here are the other teams. As I said in my first post, some names come from the All-American Girls Baseball League (the movie League of Their Own), and also, the National Girls Baseball League, a pro league which ran at the same time as the All-American League and was based in Chicago. The AAGBL started as fastpitch and gradually converted to baseball over a number of years. The NGBL was always fastpitch. Some of the other names come from other sports and still others are personal preferences of mine.

All-American Softball League
Chicago Blue Sox
Cincinnati Monarchs
Cleveland Comets
Columbus Aviators
Detroit Gems
Milwaukee Robins
Pittsburgh Keystones
St. Louis Redbirds

West Coast Softball League
Hollywood Stars
Los Angeles Angels
Oakland Oaks
Portland Crows
San Diego Sandpipers
San Francisco Bay Sox
Seattle Emeralds
Vancouver Pacifics

East Coast Softball League
Baltimore Bays
Boston Carolines
Brooklyn EM's
Montreal Olympics
New York Bluebirds
New York Hickories
Philadelphia Daisies
Toronto Maple Leafs

It is very likely that some of these nicknames will change over the years, as will some of the cities. For instance, a name like the Maple Leafs will likely change as it is the name of the NHL team and is also the name of a semi-pro baseball team in Ontario, as well as being the nickname of the International League team before the Blue Jays. Conversely, a name like the Oaks will likely stay, even though the Oakland Oaks were a Pacific Coast League team when the PCL was trying to attain Major League status, because I just love that nickname. Stay tuned, I'm going to post the nicknames of the Southern teams after Christmas.

Names » Womens Pro Fastpitch Softball » 12/16/2022 1:02 pm

I am currently creating seasons for women's professional fastpitch softball. My inspiration is the movie, "A League of Their Own." At this time I have three separate leagues that will one day "get together" to form a league that will cover most of the United States and Canada. That won't happen until a fourth league has formed - the Southern Softball Association. In creating the other leagues I have borrowed nicknames from the All-American Girls Baseball League and other sources, and after naming the current 24 teams I am struggling to come up with more, and quite frankly, I'm not that thrilled with some of the current nicknames, but they will suffice. I am now looking for names for the Southern teams. The cities that will populate the Southern Association are:

New Orleans
Oklahoma City

Some ground rules - the nicknames I prefer would lean to the feminine side, but that isn't necessarily a hard and fast rule. It would be great if the nicknames were representative of the city they are attached to, but again, not a deal breaker if they are not. Lastly, and this is absolutely a must (because I'm a little bit goofy about this) - nicknames must end with an "s", so no Storm or Reign or Thunder. The only other possibility is an "x" as in Sox, but I already have enough of those, unless someone wows me with another. I thank you in advance and look forward to your suggestions. At some point all of this will be brought to life on these pages, hopefully prior to the start of the 2023 season. That reminds me, this league is set in the current day.

General Discussion » Your Team Allegiance! » 3/14/2022 7:23 pm

NFL : Green Bay Packers. The Packers were the best team when I started watching in the 1960's.
MLB: Oakland Athletics and St. Louis Cardinals. One team in each league. I live a ferry ride from Vancouver BC and when I was a kid the Vancouver Mounties were the AAA team for Oakland. Joe Rudi, Dave Duncan and Sal Bando played with the Mounties and were an integral part of the A's championship teams of 72, 73, and 74. As for the Cardinals - I like their history.
NHL: Vancouver Canucks. As a kid I liked the Maple Leafs (when there were only six teams). Where I live you either liked the Canadiens or Maple Leafs.
NBA: Brooklyn Nets. Steve Nash grew up three hours away and played in our town's high school gym. His team (St. Michael's University School) was ranked number one in the province, our team (Alberni District) was ranked number two. Before that it was the Seattle Super Sonics, then I stopped watching when they went to OKC.
MLS: played soccer as a kid but very seldom watch it. Vancouver Whitecaps I guess.
NRL (rugby league in Australia): Parramatta Eels
IPL (T20 cricket in India): Chennai Super Kings
NCAA: I really only watch softball so Washington Huskies. I'll watch March Madness sometimes so Indiana Hoosiers.

General Discussion » The AH Sports Enormous Gargantuan Realignment Thread » 2/06/2022 11:48 pm

I hope this meets the criteria for this thread. In an alternate-history-Canada the sport of rugby league is the dominant football code. Instead of the Canadian Football League it is the Canadian Rugby League Association.
In real-life Canadian football history this very well could have happened. Early on, what has become known as Canadian football was actually rugby union, but evolved over time to present day Canadian football. Before the transition from rugby union to Canadian football, with rugby union losing both players and fans, provincial associations in the Maritime provinces tried to keep the game of rugby alive by switching to the faster-paced rugby league, but it was too late, Canadian football took over and became the more popular sport.
So, let's say in alternate-history-Canada the switch to rugby league worked and overtook Canadian football.
I've been simulating the Canadian Rugby League Association since 2013 - the 2022 season will be the Association's tenth season of play. Here are the teams. A realigned CFL, if you will.

Fraser Valley Jets
Kelowna Magpies
Vancouver Bears
Victoria Oaks

Calgary Dragons
Edmonton Yellowheads
Saskatoon Berries
Winnipeg Monarchs

Hamilton Steelers
Ottawa Rough Riders
Maple Leaf RLFC
Toronto Saints

Halifax Tars
Montreal Maroons
Montreal Patrie
Quebec City Citadels

Writing Workshop » Schism in Soccer. What could the new game variant look like? » 1/14/2022 8:10 pm

A modified version of soccer with less players per team (seven versus eleven), a smaller field (70 yards x 35 yards), no heading of the ball, a hockey-like offside rule and smaller (2m x 4m) goals.
The offside rule, which is the major difference, is a modified version of ice hockey’s offside rule. If the ball is inside the attacking team’s offensive zone (25 yards), players can be anywhere on the field. If the ball is outside the offensive zone, players must have at least one defensive player (not including the goaltender) between the goal line and themselves. The ball does not have to precede the players into the offensive zone.
There is also a D-shaped crease which can only be occupied by the goaltender of the defending team.
I have been toying with this concept for quite some time. I will be trying to convince some local soccer teams to play by these rules and see what happens. In my mind, even with smaller goals, I think scores will be in the 5-2, 4-3 range, as opposed to 1-0, 1-1 etc. as is currently seen in soccer at the higher levels.

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