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Basketball » Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA » 5/14/2024 12:23 pm

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1989 First Round

#1 The Team of the River Galloway 88, #8 Dovinwitt Louds 86
Simply put, despite the victory, the Team is in trouble. With just two minutes to go in the first half, they held a 24-point lead over the Louds. On the court, it looked as noncompetitive as a #1 vs. #8 playoff matchup has looked. At that point, league MVP Stanley Sweetney went up to grab a rebound and landed horribly without contacting anyone around him. Immediately, he was wincing and writhing on the ground. It was clear it was a knee injury, and a serious one at that. It was confirmed after the game that Sweetney would be missing at least the remainder of the playoffs. While Dovinwitt clawed their way back into the game in the second half, ultimately it was too much to overcome. In place of Sweetney, rookie Tavian Jarvis carried the load for the Team with 27 points and seven rebounds.

#4 Gin City Porkers 103, #5 Desherd City Dachshunds 84
What an offensive explosion in Gin City!!! Byron No left earth in a phenomenal performance, netting 48 points, five rebounds and three assists. He was a walking highlight reel, collecting steals, slamming dunks, and swishing triples. Ibrahim Mohammed was also remarkable with 25 points and 13 boards of his own. The Porkers were unstoppable and looked like they belong among the elite franchises. While Tyrone Buckley got it going for the Dachshunds (24 points, nine assists), he did not receive much help as the Dachshunds fell in the first round.

#3 Simeka Sleuths 76, #6 Murdlock Monocles 78
I don't know how much more heartbreak Simeka supporters can withstand. The Monocles kept it close all game and snatched the victory out of the Sleuths' hands at the last second. Simeka led 76-74 with a few ticks remaining on the clock. Murdlock's Io October was fouled as he heaved a 35-foot shot from downtown that rimmed out, bounced off the backboard, and fell back through. October s

Basketball » Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA » 4/12/2024 5:23 pm

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1989 Regular Season

Unlike the previous season, which had multiple 30+ win teams, only one squad clearly stood above the rest - The Team of the River Galloway. Stanley Sweetney eclipsed his second MVP award, leading the league in both scoring and rebounds. He was aided by the surprising rookie Tavian Jarvis in their efforts to claim the top spot from the rest of the league.

The defending champions had a noticeably improved regular season compared to 1988. Horace Suggs and Clarence Poole made for one of the most entertaining duos to watch. Despite slipping to third, the Simeka Sleuths remained a force to be reckoned with. They came together with more of a focus on off-ball movement and stout defense. Thanks to Byron No, Ibrahim Mohammed and Otis Carter having healthy seasons, the Gin City Porkers made their return to the fourth seed. They are considered a threat, as they ended the season on a 10-game winning streak.

Tyrone Buckley put together another stellar campaign, improving the Dachshunds seeding position by two. Ish Anderson carried the Murdlock Monocles with his own phenomenal season, earning First Team honors. In Boothtown, Aaron Batista proved to fans why he was so sought after coming into the league. Batista is only in his third season, and has notched a First Team nomination.

The competition for the #8 seed was tight at the very end. Dovinwitt was on their way to another incredible season. However, major injuries hampered their chances. The Louds became much more vulnerable from there, going 3-7 in their final ten games. By virtue of the +/- tiebreaker, they rode their early success to the final spot. Luva was unable to surpass the Louds, despite a strong season; the Mountaineers struggled defensively throughout the year. Nachtigen also showed steady progress, posting a winning season for the first time. Byron Jackson became one of the most exciting young prospects to observe. Keep in mind - the T

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1989 Offseason
Per tradition, the league meetings were held in Gilroy at The Table in The Back Room of The Bar of The River Galloway. The league representatives were bustling with excitement over the previous season and those to come. With four seasons of 24 teams under their belt, the financial and cultural health of the league was positive.

NO EXPANSION... YET... - The league almost unanimously agreed to keep the size limited at 24 teams for the time being. While nobody had approached the league with a team, the representatives found it best to proactively announce their comfortability with 24 for the next few seasons at least.

A CELEBRATION OF 20 YEARS - A transcript of the speech from Commissioner Ian Thomas:

"The conclusion of the 1988 season marked two decades of success for the OBA. What started as a midnight pickup game between friends has blossomed into the top source of entertainment for Oneioeans everywhere. To be a witness of the league's growth is a blessing. Children have emulated the smooth Andre Oz pull-up, that nasty Hitts Weckerthaul crossover, to now the stepbacks of Bryson McMurray and Stanley Sweetney. Of course, no star players are anything without their teammates who dedicate hours upon hours of their lives to this game. They pour into arenas, sporting the jerseys of their favorite athletes. They rally around each other in a sense of community never before seen in this country. Through this communal strength, we were able to create a Hall of Fame honoring those who helped build this league into what it is today. This toast goes out to everyone; from the players to the fans, to the arena staffs, to my colleagues in the office, and everyone in between. Thank you, and I cannot wait for what the future holds."

Commissioner Thomas received a roaring ovation from those in attendance.

CATERING - The meeting was catered by TacoTown.

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THE JOURNEY ENDS - As was expected in the dwindling weeks of the season, Luva Mountaineers legend Sinclair Journey has decided to hang up the shoes. Journey posted an extensive and impressive resume in his 15 seasons with Luva, as seen below. Largely seen as a fan favorite for his style, his efforts, and his service to the community, Journey will be revered across the country even after his playing days.

Sinclair Journey
1986 MVP
x4 All-OBA
Champion (1982, 1983, 1985)
OCS Finals MVP (1982, 1983, 1985)

Congratulations to Sinclair Journey on an exceptional career!


JOHN HAMILTON RETIRES - Renowned sharpshooter John Hamilton announced to the media he will be retiring from the Bishops. While Hamilton's career wasn't chock full of accolades, he still played a pivotal role in the Bishops success, including multiple trips to the OCS Finals. Further, he retires as the career leader in 3-point field goal percentage by a considerable margin. Hamilton was a one-time member of the All-OBA team.

Congratulations to John Hamilton!

Basketball » Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA » 4/07/2024 7:38 pm

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1988 OCS Finals
#7 Soup 88, #8 Desherd City Dachshunds 77
SOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUPPPP for number TWOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Soup becomes the third franchise to win consecutive OCS Finals after taking down the Dachshunds in dominant fashion. The score indicates that the game was closer than in reality. Soup led by 17 at the half, paced by Horace Suggs' 10 points and Clarence Poole's 18 points. Soup enjoyed great success in transition, forcing many Dachshund turnovers and transforming them into points. Further, Poole had a monstrous 22-rebound night en route to being voted for his first OCS Finals MVP award. Along with that, he concluded with 29 points and four assists. It was an all-around performance for the Soup big man. Tyrone Buckley, the league MVP, had a solid performance (23 points/7 rebounds/3 assists) but also had seven turnovers that contributed to the Soup victory.

Congratulations to Soup for winning their second OCS Finals in as many years!!!!

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Yikes!! Can't believe I missed the most recent posts!!! I hope your computer issues resolve soon.

The Moose is STILL Loose!!!!

Happy to see Blackduck and Detroit Lakes do well this year. Would love to have witnessed the battles between International Falls and Roseau. Can't help but notice the middling performance of Thunder Bay this year. Disappointing, but good for the Duluth squad that emerged on top.

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Absolutely loving the designs and the graphics. Everything is laid out so neatly and the logos are all awesome. Rooting for the Stock Yards!!!

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1988 Semifinals
#4 Ensylvan Drakes 70, #8 Desherd City Dachshunds 76
Another upset victory for the Dogs!! The Drakes held the halftime lead by five points until Tyrone Buckley turned the volume up. With 8:00 to go in the second half, the Dachshunds embarked on a 16-5 run to take the lead for good. Buckley contributed to all 16 points, scoring 11 and assisting on two other buckets. The wind was taken out of the Ensylvan sails, and while they kept it close, they were unable to usurp Desherd City. With the victory, the Dachshunds are headed to their third OCS Finals, not including their second, first, and second place finishes respectively in the league's first three years. This is their first trip back since 1974, when they beat The Bay Bishops during the Brian Williams-era.

#6 Luva Mountaineers 72, #7 Soup 80
Soup will be returning to the OCS Finals after their victory over Luva! While the Mountaineers did bring it to within single digits in the final minutes, Soup controlled the pace for the entire game. They jumped out to a 15-2 opening run and never looked back. The Mountaineers allowed the lead to get up to 19 in the first half before cutting it down bit by bit. As the buzzer sounded, Soup remained on top. Horace Suggs and Clarence Poole combined for 45 points en route to the W. Soup will be looking to become just the third franchise to win back-to-back OCS Finals. The Luva Mountaineers of 1982 and 1983 accomplished that feat. Before that it was the Mescudi Moonmen who went on their historic 1975 - 1977 3-peat.

The secondary storyline of this game... did we witness Sinclair Journey put on the Mountaineer jersey for the last time?

1988 OCS Finals
#7 Soup vs. #8 Desherd City Dachshunds
Two underdogs looking to put the glass slipper on an excellent Cinderella story. This is the highest-combined seeds of an OCS Finals in league history. The Dachshunds have to go on the road for one

Basketball » Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA » 3/18/2024 4:02 pm

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1988 Quarterfinals
#1 Dovinwitt Louds 71, #8 Desherd City Dachshunds 74
Oh. My. Days. MVP Tyrone Buckley could not be stopped be the formidable defense of the Louds. Buckley's 43 points and 12 rebounds were major contributing factors in the upset victory. Further, with eight seconds remaining and a tied game, he was fouled hard on the way to the rack and still managed to lay the basket in. The impending free throw went through, and Dovinwitt's last minute dash for a three was wildly unsuccessful. Desherd City will advance to the second round, as the Louds title hopes come crashing down.

#4 Ensylvan Drakes 90, #5 The Team of the River Galloway 74
In the only chalked victory of this first round, Larry Antwan and Javen McFoster III lit the scoreboard up from the get-go. The duo combined for 55 of Ensylvan's 90 points - Antwan with 20 and McFoster with 35. Stanley Sweetney had a quietly solid night - 24 points on 11 shots and 13 rebounds to go with it - but received little help from elsewhere. The Team struggled on the defensive end, as McFoster controlled the play in the paint with relative ease. After 20 years in existence, the Ensylvan Drakes finally win their first playoff game in franchise history!!

#3 City Van East Sunrisers 58, #6 Luva Mountaineers 70
As much as the home arena was packed, the Sunrisers fans didn't have much to cheer for throughout the game. Luva powered through, particularly on the offensive rebounding, to clinch another playoff victory in their franchise's storied history. Sinclair Journey turned the clock back to the tune of 26 points and seven assists. The young City Van East team, especially Matt Morris, fell short of their lofty expectations. Morris had just 14 points and added six turnovers. Ja Perrano wasn't better, as he finished with a woeful 12 points and five turnovers.

#2 Simeka Sleuths 68, #7 Soup 82
Soup is now 2-0 against

Basketball » Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA » 3/18/2024 3:32 pm

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1988 Playoffs
#1 Dovinwitt Louds vs. #8 Desherd City Dachshunds
Dovinwitt's defensive dominance displayed dastardly demonstrations daily. Desherd City, should supreme small-forward succeed sans supporting scalawags, seeks surmountable Saturday summit, surpassing central-western screamers.

#4 Ensylvan Drakes vs. #5 The Team of the River Galloway
It is going to be a brutal battle in the paint in Ensylvan between the Drake's Javen McFoster III and The Team's Stanley Sweetney. A perennial superstar, Sweetney looks to advance in the playoffs and add another trophy to his shelf. Will Larry Antwan do just enough for the Drakes to progress? Can The Team use their previous experiences to their advantage?

#3 City Van East Sunrisers vs. #6 Luva Mountaineers
Ja Perrano and Matt Morris are scary forces for the Sunrisers, but they are also rookies. This Luva squad is used to this playoff feeling, coming away with three titles in four trips to the OCS Finals. However, Sinclair Journey struggled mightily this year. Will the Sunrisers assert dominance on their home floor? Do the Mountaineers have one more playoff run in them?

#2 Simeka Sleuths vs. #7 Soup
My, my my. The previous OCS Finals was too much fun to go without a rematch. I doubt anyone expected it to come in the first round, though. Simeka's Sol Renfro and Brody Rizzo captain an experienced squad that is looking to avenge their 1987 Finals loss. Horace Suggs, Clarence Poole and Soup stand in their way, hoping to eclipse yet another improbable OCS Finals run. Who will come out on top in this rematch?


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