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AltHL » AltHL Refre5h » 3/05/2024 3:21 pm

Haven’t been on much recently, my apologies, but just submitted my Refre5h stuff if it’s not too late.

AltLB » AltLB - 2024 Season » 2/19/2024 2:26 pm

Let the firesale of the Chicago Pros commence! Gerritt Cole is on the trade block as the Pros look to get younger and even get better! Only 4 guys are off the table for trades, so if you wanted Mike Trout, Seiya Suzuki, Dustin May or Shane Bieber, I’m sorry but we are not dealing them! Everyone else though is fair game!

Hockey » Torland Hockey League: THL 2.0 » 2/01/2024 3:17 pm

Absolute classic in the Kodiaks. What a team steeped in history needs. Although I do miss them in blue…

AltFL » The AltFL Season 2023 » 12/15/2023 12:16 pm

Alright, after 14 weeks of football, we are…wait…we aren’t done? We have to play football this weekend as well? Hold up, I’m allowed to play extra football this week? The playoffs? We made the playoffs? Wow. I didn’t think I’d be in this position. The St. Louis Explorers are ready for the playoffs at home vs. Buffalo. Time to chart our course through the postseason!

Hockey » Torland Hockey League: THL 2.0 » 11/02/2023 8:09 am

Did not expect that Heralds rebrand, it looks super solid and I love the homage to the family name!

AltHL » The AltHL Season 2023 » 11/02/2023 7:57 am

Magical_Kittenz wrote:

Here we go, Week 3 is done, and Edgeworth hit the post. Well that makes sense, considering he's a goalie, he doesn't have the best shot. Thanks for playing!

For those that remain, PICK HERE! Polling closes Wednesday at midnight CST

in my defense, I shot from back in the opposite crease, so hitting the post is a minor miracle.

Hockey » Minnesota Amateur Hockey League » 10/02/2023 3:42 pm

Please let the train in Thief River stop running into issues, I want another deep run like it’s 1963.

AltHL » The AltHL Season 2023 » 10/01/2023 7:38 pm

Announcement: Coach Prime is our Ass. Coach. Teaching our players to have swagger, baby!

AltFL » The AltFL Season 2023 » 9/13/2023 11:26 am

Magical_Kittenz wrote:

Welcome to Week 2! I think we all did quite well... wait a minute. Who missed the field goal? Edgeworth, it looks like you missed the extra point, so we have to say goodbye to you this week (maybe have some confidence in your own team next time, just saying).

Also thanks IDM for offering to make graphics. I appreciate it dude.

For the nine that remain, PICK EM HERE

Listen, I’m just saying I know my own luck too well. Call me Brett Maher.

Other » Torland: Formula Twelve (F12) » 8/18/2023 10:31 pm

Man I love seeing a good indigo and volt scheme.

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