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AltHL » AltHL Design 2021 » 7/17/2022 11:19 am

The Ottawa Guardians would like to petition the AltHL for a review and redesign of their alternate uniform. The primary home and away set would remain the same, however.

The team would also like to announce that the team has officially announce its goal song as "When We Stand Together" by Nickleback. The portion of the song used is the second verse and the first two choruses.

Bulletin Board » AHS Turns 3! WHAT. » 5/25/2022 9:14 pm

Social media, podcasts, and advertising, you say? "Ottawa Senators hockey brought to you by the AHSylum" has a nice ring to it....

General Discussion » Calling all hockey players! » 4/19/2022 10:13 pm

I can double shift as 4th line center if needed.

Hockey » Canadian Premiere Hockey League » 4/03/2022 2:30 pm

Born in Pickton, Ontario, Sherwin Van Vleet grew up around the rink. His father, Aaron, was a star player on the Pickton Dairy Men, a house league team.  At age 7, Sherwin was already able to skate, and by 10, he was already playing hockey quite well. Sherwin would join the Picton youth league at 15 and would continue to excel in his game. Living on his family farm, Sherwin developed his strength, but his hand-eye was also aided playing on the frozen pond that bordered the back of the farm, stick handling around bullrushes and other debris. At 18, Sherwin took over the daily operations of the farm, and was forced to leave the hockey scene. He continued to play hockey on the frozen pond, but the leagues had lost their main draw.

Eventually, Van Vleet was able to hire enough farm hands to rejoin league play in 1934, now a much stronger player, both in his physicality and his hand-eye co-ordination. Using a custom, hand-crafted stick that featured a slight curve to the toe, Van Vleet had become a skilled stick-handler and utilized an insane move whereby he hooked the puck with the toe of his blade and dragged it around the defenders. Considered an oddball player due to this, Van Vleet was often mocked for the stick and his “toe-drag,” but he ignored the taunts and continued his game. It was here that Sherwin would earn his nickname “Skippy” in reference to his ability to seemingly skip past opposing defenders. In league play, Van Vleet would use his size and strength in the corners, as well as the curve on his stick, to loosen the puck and to make solid passes.

In 1935, the Pembroke Patriots would come to call, offering Van Vleet enough money to help start a business venture him and his aging father were looking to begin, Van Vleet Hockey. The fledgling company was looking to bring the curved blade into mainstream u

AltHL » AltHL Design 2021 » 3/18/2022 4:16 am

ItDoesntMatter wrote:

vladee wrote:

it here

so true 🙏

So true🙏🏻 [2]

AltLB » AltLB Design Thread » 3/10/2022 10:01 pm

That....that didn't work

AltLB » AltLB Design Thread » 3/10/2022 7:07 pm

Are they over 50?

AltLB » AltLB Design Thread » 3/10/2022 9:31 am

Is one of them Papi?

AltLB » AltLB Design Thread » 3/09/2022 9:37 am

Do they have glasses?

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