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AltHL » AltHL Legacy » Yesterday 5:36 pm

Darknes wrote:

Boston's Rivalries would be something like
Boston vs Philly vs New York (The Colonial Clash)
Boston vs Seattle (The I-90 Classic)
Boston vs Los Angeles (I got nothing)

I like Colonial Clash, but what about The Colonial Classic?

Football » North American Association of Football - NAAF » Yesterday 5:32 pm

Well with Montreal blowing it up, hopefully that means we have a slightly higher chance of making our first postseason appearance. As for us, I think we did okay in the draft overall. Heights as a risky pick seemed like an interesting choice, but I like it. If he sticks than it might be what we need to just push us in, if it's not than I don't think it hurts us too much. Sucks that Bowman was off the board, would've been really cool to see him fall to us. Settling for Spencer won't hurt too much I hope.

AltFL » AltFL Discussion Thread » Yesterday 4:11 pm

Section30 wrote:

Man, I can't wait for the new Tree upload...

Seriously though, the f***ing BUNGLES?!?!

Hey we weren't completely awful toward the end of the 2000's, too bad we just miss out of the Dalton era which was one of the best 5 years in team history. 

Football » History of the National Football Association- 1964-65 NFA Season » Yesterday 3:56 pm

Wallflower wrote:

Lots happening with the SFL starting up. I like seeing how the leagues will likely affect each other and how it will change how the leagues are run as a whole.
I like the Blue Ox update overall. Shifting further towards sky blue and white, with minimal Navy, which is a cool colour scheme. 

Section30 wrote:

The update for the Ox looks good, I agree with Dan that emphasising powder and white is a good move. I'm a big fan of the stripe style as well, reminds me of the old Vikings jersey stripes

Sorry I'm getting to these two comments a bit late, but I'm glad I pleased the two Ox fans with this update! I'm glad someone picked up on the Vikes inspiration too.
As for the SFL, they definitely are starting off well for them, outside of the racist controversies, which is looking like the only thing that could sink this ship right now.

Now onto the 64-65 Season!

1964-65 NFA Season: 

NFA East:
1.Boston Gaels: The story of the East this year were the Gaels. Boston jumped out of the gates with their best start in a couple years. Led by MVP RB Stevie Parks, they avenged their disappointing season last season by clinching the number one seed and the bye in the first round of this year's postseason. With Parks’ MVP, the Gaels also became the second team to have both an MVP RB and QB on the same team, the other team being the Zephyrs. It wasn’t only Parks who had a good year either, QB Donald McCloud had a bounce back year and put up some solid numbers. The defense was benefited by the lowered competition thanks to the SFL but they were still pretty strong for what was thought to be an aging core. 
2.Baltimore Bulldogs:[color=#000000] In second were the surprise of the season, the Bulldogs. Baltimore clinched the second seed in a close win over New York in week 13 of the season, giving them h

AltFL » AltFL Discussion Thread » Yesterday 12:11 pm

Going over a quick glance of the Jets record from the time, kinda forgot they had constant winning records from 2000-2010. 5 ten win or more seasons, 09 and 10 they had the best defense in the league. The 90s were rough but I think it won't be the worst.

Football » Escalian Football League » 7/07/2020 6:21 pm

Let's go Knights! Way to handle Hadley. Now bring it on Augusta!

AltFL » AltFL - Design Thread » 7/07/2020 6:14 pm

Not an awful place to pick, would've preferred a couple picks higher though. Hopefully who I'm looking for drops.

Other » National Dashball League » 7/07/2020 3:25 pm

Quite the series there between Miami and Chicago, congrats to Chicago for breaking through and winning the last two to push them into the next round. As for the rest of the matchups, the results were fairly predictable. I'm surprised Atlanta got a win in though, makes me think Texas might not win the whole shebang this year.

Football » History of the National Football Association- 1964-65 NFA Season » 7/07/2020 3:01 pm

LukeToussaint wrote:

The new uniforms are cool. wonder if the blue ox in the logo is named Babe.
The barbarian in Milwaukee's Logo Should be named Hannover Hermann.
​And the Bulldog should be named Billy Froscholi, and the Seattle Lumberjack should be named Lumbardis.
The Hornet in Philadelphia's l0go should be called Joey Hornet.

Though I have referred to the current Pirates primary as Pete the Pirate, I don't plan on naming any mascots, at least as of yet.

GoRedSox96 wrote:

I'm a newcomer to this site and my favorite team will probably be Boston or Washington beacause i was born and raised in Beantown but i currently live in Virginia. So i will have 2 favorites. And geographically speaking (not to be a jerk or anything) shouldn't Milwaukee be in the west or this a Dallas Cowboys kinda thing were there is a far west team in a division surrounded by East Coast teams? 

The reason the Barbs are in the east and not the west is because they just relocated from Pittsburgh, the NFA doesn't realign the divisions for a relocated team. Future expansions will maybe result in a realignment, but for right now the divisions are set.

Stay on topic. I shouldn't have to come and clean up a mess of comments every time I want to post something to my thread. Try and get all your ideas into 1 or 2 comments, and don't post unnecessary chitchat. If you want to talk to someone personally, PM them, we have that feature for a reason.

Hockey » Minnesota Amateur Hockey League » 7/06/2020 6:53 pm

I hope Burnsville pulls the Cinderella run off, the ideal matchup would be them against Austin. But a more realistic pick I'd like to see is Grand Forks vs Edina

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