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Hockey » Eastern Canada Hockey Organization » Yesterday 9:38 pm

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good on the reds and isles. glad to see some of the historical have-nots getting the job done. also fun to see a couple of my guys featured in there, even if one of them only showed up to injure a guy

Baseball » A NEW ERA: The Ultimate Ball League » Yesterday 9:29 pm

kinda surprised given the smaller field and the big walls that we've had so many strong pitching performances, especially a perfect game. also wtf is that ruth division lmao

Hockey » Metropolitan Hockey League: 1932-33 Regular Season » Yesterday 9:26 pm

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hold on, detroit has a player named "wolf southward"? and this is the first time we're hearing about him? insane

in any case I'm ready to watch the harpers run it all the way back, which is definitely something that will happen. nobody here likes quebec anyway. I'm also glad to see new york miss the playoffs again, because lol lmao. good thing nobody roots for them either

AltFL » The AltFL Season 2024 » 7/14/2024 12:40 pm

Dan O'Mac wrote:

I know he's a little pricy at 15, but I'd be more than willing to move DL Nick Bosa for any of the remaining 2nd Round Rookie Picks.

or, if you're looking for a slightly cheaper option at DL, and/or you don't want to send your pick to the Emperors, may I suggest Jeffery Simmons at just $13?

(or any of our other players, for that matter)

Baseball » A NEW ERA: The Ultimate Ball League » 7/13/2024 9:50 pm

I really like where you're headed with this! this version of baseball seems like it would be a lot of fun to play. the league logo is solid, and I like the use of pink(s) as its main color(s) - very underused imo

I'm a big fan of the idea of the team logos as single-color icons. A lot of it reminds me of blaseball, in a good way - maybe especially chicago, since the firefighters used the fire emoji, which is very similar to the blazers' icon. unfortunately, I don't think the execution here works. I have to imagine that in-universe, the league is going that route to provide a sense of cohesion and brand unity, and I'm not getting that at all. also, some of your icons are very detailed - seattle's in particular is too complex to even be a logo, let alone an icon - while some of them are extremely simple, like vegas, which is almost certainly not going to be protected by copyright. I think this is a byproduct of you cribbing from a lot of different sources, which is fine, but the thing about icons like these is that they're pretty easy to create just by finding an image you like and tracing it. I'd recommend at least giving that a shot and seeing what you can come up with for some of these teams

sorry for that wall of text, but I want to see this league live up to its full potential! that of course also means adding a boston team, so get on that

AltFL » 2024 AltFL ROOKIE DRAFT » 7/12/2024 12:36 pm

Get you a man who can do it all:

- run routes
- catch passes
- break tackles
- score touchdowns
- finally return the Oregon Country to its rightful owner #FiftyFourFortyOrFight

AltLB » AltLB - 2024 Season » 7/07/2024 10:31 pm

The Atoms are feeling even better. We put up the most points in the league, we extended our winning streak to 04, we moved to #01 in the overall standings, and most importantly, we beat the Bison for the first time in the modern era. We'll take that success on the road to Chicago, where the Pros have been struggling for most of the year, but every win is important to stay ahead of the plethora of contenders in the NL. Luckily, we have guys like 3B José Miranda, who is hotter than the Las Vegas sun right now, as his week included a record-setting 12 consecutive at bats with a hit. He also scored 07 times and drove in 06. #03dTimesTheCharm #UpAndAtom

Hockey » Metropolitan Hockey League: 1932-33 Regular Season » 7/02/2024 8:56 pm

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let's gooooooooooooooo

give caleb ross a statue

AltLB » AltLB - 2024 Season » 6/30/2024 9:53 pm

The Atoms are feeling good. We're coming home from a 03-game road trip with 03 wins and 00 losses, and we've opened up a game-and-a-half lead on the rest of the National League. There's no time to rest, though, as we pop back into Vegas for a single game before another road trip, and our one game is another AltWS rematch against the OKC Bison. The Bison have typically had our number, but if we can knock them off here, we'll move into a tie at the top of the standings, and as both of us know, home-field advantage in the World Series can be paramount. Also paramount: good starting pitching, which we got in Oakland courtesy of Michael King. King struck out 06 and only allowed a single earned run in his 06 innings, earning him a quality start and a win against the Squirrels. #03dTimesTheCharm #UpAndAtom

Hockey » Metropolitan Hockey League: 1932-33 Regular Season » 6/30/2024 9:41 pm

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sheeeeeeeeeeeesh. two last-second goals? two first-round upsets? what a bonkers first round. go hahpahs

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