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Baseball » The Major American Baseball League » 7/23/2021 3:33 pm

Wow. Everything is just wow. I think other people have kind of beat me to the punch in complimenting how stunning this all looks, plus all the detail you've put in, so I'm not sure what else there is to say. But this seems like it'll be as great a series as expected from ya H-town. Count me as a fan of the Indians or Reds, whichever one is winning at the moment haha. Looks like they're both doing pretty well above expectations at the moment though. I'll be sure to keep waitin for updates!

Great work on the first two months write ups too!

Football » History of the National Football Association - 1974-75 Season » 7/23/2021 3:24 pm

Wallflower wrote:

Wow did not see the Hurricanes being anywhere near the top, which I suppose puts me in with the rest of the doubters, but good on em.
As for Minne, I swear if you guys somehow choke away yet another playoff game...
Either way, it is nice seeing the Blue Ox back in a very competitive spot, as well as the Bulldogs, who look to be here to stay. 
If Minne wins a game, then I like them going the rest of the way, but I also like Cinci and Atlanta to also be in my top teams to take home the title this season, there's a pretty good chance we have a unique final, so I'm looking forward to that. 

Also, glad to see Seattle was actually able to compete this season, hope that ship keeps going in the right direction.

You're right, this is one of the most unique fields we've ever had for a postseason. I did some looking through records and this group of teams has the least amount of accumulative championships out of any group of playoff teams since 1958, when the league had just 10 teams, and only 4 teams were in the playoffs. As far as who's favored, Atlanta is clearly on top, but Minnesota, for better or worse, has a lot of doubters, which has them a bit further down the ladder. However, Boston of all teams looks really good to make a run. New Orleans has a bit of a scary defense that may be hard for their young offense, but it is still an expansion team after all, and then if they win that they have either Texas, who are a bit of a surprise, and the Ox, who aren't really scary come the end of the season. It could really be another year we see a low seed make a run.

Stickman wrote:

Dang, definitely a crazy season!   The Cougars and the Ironmen missing the playoffs is quite the shocker, (especially the 2x champions!).   

The obvious big story of the Hurricanes somehow making the playoffs in their first season as an expansion team is something else and proves going veteran heavy was a good idea! (worth noting I DID predict that they could surpris

Football » History of the National Football Association - 1974-75 Season » 7/15/2021 8:28 pm

1974-75 NFA Season

[color=#000000]The story of the season was QB Skip Anderson and the Bulldogs out of the Northeast. Gone are the days of the sad Bulldogs teams of the past. Last year wasn’t a fluke and this Atlanta team is really special. Clinching the number 1 overall seed with 12 wins, this year was the best in team history, dating back to Baltimore and previous iterations of the Bulldogs. Anderson would lead an impressive young offense to the league's most efficient and highest scoring offense, collecting an MVP along the way. Coming in second, also proving last year wasn’t a fluke, were the Boston Gaels. Making a second straight postseason appearance, the Gaels captured 9 wins, their highest since 1964. The Gaels’ “Lucky-Gamble” duo lit it up on offense, and off-season acquisition WR Eli Grant helped rival the Bulldogs as one of the best offenses in the league. However the defense showed major problems, and may need to be improved if the Gaels want to go any further than the first round. Following the two young guns of the division, were the Cannons, who surprisingly made a playoff run in the second half of the season. Led by a mess of journeymen and project players, the Cannons chemistry is thought to be the reason for their 8 wins, their first winning season in half a decade. Rounding out the division were the Pirates and Hornets, who both finished with losing records. Firstly, the Pirates finished with an uncharacteristic 5 wins, their lowest since 1966, and only their 7th losing record in their 30 years since joining the NFA. The Hornets finished with just 3, in what’s likely QB Oscar Washington’s last with the team. The former Champions Bowl MVP, entering the later years of his career, has shown an interest in playing for a contender and leaving the declining Hornets. He’s on the last year of his contract so he’ll have the power to sign wherever he pleases this off-season.[

Football » History of the National Football Association - 1974-75 Season » 7/12/2021 5:28 pm

Rugrat wrote:

Wow, that is one busy offseason! Here are my thoughts!

The Condors look pretty sweet! Definitely liking the logo a lot, this has potential to become a classic look as time goes by. As for the Hurricanes, that looks amazing as well. Blue and Black are two of my favorite colors so that’s a good start. The logo looks pretty cool with the Crecent acting as the eye of the storm, in fact this could be one of my teams moving forward.

Like the Summer Bowl logo as well, looks everything SoCal. Assuming the 1976 Champions Bowl will be in Philly because it’s the bicentennial and most sports had something there that year?

Seattle defiantly looks cooler, hopefully between the new look and a new owner they can start winning more games in the future. Same with Chicago.

Cheers to another great offseason! Bring on the 1974-75 NFA campaign!

I think you mean the forest green and blue color scheme? You don't have to read all of it, I know it's a lot but you can at least get the colors right if your going to comment. It's also the Champions Bowl, I'm not sure what the Summer Bowl is. Although I like the name Summer Bowl, I might borrow that for something. 

​Oh and yes, the 76 Champions Bowl will be in Philadelphia. 

Stickman wrote:

Whew!  You weren't kidding about how long that post was!  Plenty to talk about for sure!

San Diego Condors: Lot of behind the scenes personality with team, starting with the owners (really appreciating the fleshed out backstories and personalities of the owners and players in this league, good ol' world building at its finest!), but also with their pick of Atticus Godwin-who's certainly got quite the backstory!  The logo is excellent, very fun 70s' feel to it and it'll definitely stand out amongst the league, as will the teal and yellow uniforms!   Only gripe is the white logo on the white helmet.  Personally, I might have gone with a teal helmet to let the logo stand out more, but overall, this is really nice!  Def

Football » History of the National Football Association - 1974-75 Season » 7/11/2021 12:27 am

RightGuard wrote:

man, it's so good to see these expansion teams do well in the league. really justifies the dissolution of the sfl.

Yeah, it's pretty crazy the impact these SFL teams are having, so short after the merger too. This is the 3rd year straight that a former SFL team has won the Champions Bowl, and 3 out of the 4 former SFL teams have made the Champions Bowl. 

1974 Offseason

-Expansion News:

The 4 expansion team winners have been announced! In a ceremonial conference in New Orleans, one of the winners, all of the new owners celebrated winning the council. The 4 cities receiving teams are: San Diego, CA, New Orleans, LA, Kansas City, MO, and Portland, OR.
Cassell announced that the first two teams to start play this upcoming season are the New Orleans franchise and the San Diego franchise, as New Orleans Stadium and San Diego Zoo Stadium are the most ready for the start of the season. Both teams announced they will reveal their identities closer to the season start.
Divisional realignment will not occur this upcoming season, but instead will occur after it, as to wait for the next Kansas City and Portland franchises. For this upcoming season, New Orleans will technically be a part of the South division, while San Diego will technically be a part of the West division. However neither team will play a traditional divisional schedule, instead they will just play more of a random assortment of 14 teams that were carefully selected.
Starting for the 1975-76 season, the NFA will split into a 6 division realignment, with 4 teams per division. The teams and divisions will be announced next offseason.[color=#000000]The expansion draft would be held the day before the Annual Draft, with New Orleans winning the coin toss to get the first pick. Only New Orleans and San Diego will take part in the expansion draft

Football » North American Association of Football - NAAF » 7/08/2021 5:32 pm

Pittsburgh huh? I was pretty confident it would be Quebec City or someone getting the expansion team, I'm surprised but happy to see the NAAF finally trying to take on the ACFL on their terms, rather then defending their markets from other leagues. I'm excited to see what Braddock and the city of Pittsburgh comes up for an identity. Theres still several colors I'd be more interested in seeing in the league, since the Athletics relocation, there's been no black primary uniform, there's never been a primary orange or brown uniform either. So maybe one of those get picked, a black and orange color scheme would go pretty nice with a steel industry inspired identity, however I doubt the team would go in that direction as the Hammers already have that covered, plus the Toronto Steeler-heads. Whichever way it goes I think it'll look good. What are the odds they actually pull a Toronto Steelheads actually and just merge with the Hammers some how and take that name?

Fantastic write up by the way!

Football » History of the National Football Association - 1974-75 Season » 7/07/2021 4:38 pm

Super glad to see everyone pumped for the game! I hope it delivers!

1973-74 NFA Champions Bowl - Detroit Bombers vs Colorado Cougars

[color=#000000]The storyline throughout the week seemed completely fixated on the Bombers run, forgetting all about the Cougars own impressive run, where they’ve taken down both a promising and upcoming Gaels team, and a very talented Sabres team easily. QB Lloyd Brown’s talented string of games were being overlooked for the young QB John Knight. However as the game loomed the conversation shifted and fans were getting excited about how impressive an offensive matchup this would be, the present vs the future, Knight vs Brown. But to the dismay of fans, the quarterbacks wouldn’t be the main attraction this game, it would be the defenses. Detroit wasn’t seen as an impressive team on the defensive side of the ball, and the Cougars defense was often overlooked by their high powered offense, but both had made significant improvements as the postseason wore on. Much like the Bombers semifinal matchup against the Tigers, neither team would come out of the gates swinging. There wasn’t any crazy weather to blame for it this time either. It was a bit of a characteristically humid and wet day for Miami and a slight drizzle kept most fans uncomfortable in their seats but nothing that would result in both offenses not playing their best. Either way both teams treaded onwards. They’d go scoreless in the first quarter, and the Cougars would be the only ones to score in the second. Both teams would turn the ball over at least once in the first half too. The second half would be a mirror of the first as well. Detroit would fight back to tie it at 7, before recovering a fumble later in the quarter, in Cougars territory, and taking a short lived 14-7 lead. But Colorado wouldn’t let them score again. They’d quickly march down the field and Brown would find WR Ed Heinrich for their second TD connection of the

Hockey » Torland Hockey League: A History - 1989 Offseason » 7/07/2021 4:27 pm

Not a big Pios fan but I am a fan of that new set! Yellow works wonderfully alongside navy and orange and its a shame it isnt involved in the uniforms. What if you swapped the thin navy/white stripe along the waist with yellow. I think it would look pretty good.

Once again the Hockey on the Mount uniforms look good.

Hockey » Minnesota Amateur Hockey League » 7/05/2021 8:39 pm

C’mon Reds. At least I sort of saw it coming. The Stars vs Lakers game was pretty exciting too.

Hockey » Minnesota Amateur Hockey League » 7/05/2021 4:31 pm

We're back on top baby! But oh boy do we have a challenge in our little corner of the bracket. Great Rapids, Roseau and Warroad? That's be a bloodbath to get to the Super Series. We can do it though, Go Reds Go!

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