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Football » An Alternate History of American Football: The NAFA » 6/12/2019 7:00 pm

Magic Dynasty
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I really hope that the Saints stay in Montreal, as I'm a big fan of their look (admittedly less for their current jerseys than their original ones, though).

Basketball » Continental Basketball League - 1957-58 Season » 6/12/2019 6:48 pm

Steelman wrote:

Congrats to the Blueshirts! How is the first draft shaping up, any particularly hot prospects?

Curious to see how ol' Rexy proceeds with his league. Any chance of him stealing a team like Pittsburgh from the CBA?

In fact, this is a very weak class. The top prospect is Leo Bascot, a small forward from Georgia, but he likely won't be anything that the Mammoths could build on long term. Regarding the UBA, it will get off the ground this year, but no team is defecting. In fact, the top CBL officers, including the league president (more on him later), is pretty convinced that Yugot's league won't even make it to season 2. 

Any other C&C is appreciated! Boston will be up as soon as I complete the "image" (really just a grayscale drawing of Olson shooting a hook over a Conductors defender) from the 1957-58 Championship Series, which will go along with the jerseys I made (and give a sneak peak at Philadelphia's).

Basketball » Continental Basketball League - 1957-58 Season » 6/11/2019 8:25 am

What are deadlines anyway?


The summer of 1957 came and went with very few events in the CBL. There was only one big signing from college - the shooting guard Walter Chamberlain, from the University of Massachusetts. Unsurprisingly, the Boston native signed with the Blueshirts. However, this was an eye-opener for the league - a college superstar signed with a team already considered to be one of the best, despite their slump in the previous year. This led to an announcement that beginning next year, a draft would be held, where clubs would be able to select college players. The catch was that the order would go from the lowest record up, ensuring that the teams at the bottom of the standings would be able to make their squad better over time. 

1957 was a very uneventful year in the CBL. However, outside of it, in the basketball world as a whole, it was the most important since the formation of the CBL itself. Rex Yugot, determined to create a league that would be "better than the amateurs in the Continental ever was", announced the formation of the United Basketball Association, to begin play that winter. He publicly stated that potential owners were "lining up" to join his league. Despite this, by the start of the CBL season in October, there were still no teams other than Yugot's own Chicago Dukes that had declared for the UBA. With a disaster on their hands, the UBA announced that they would delay their start by a year.

Back to the CBL, it quickly became clear that there were only two contending teams - Boston and Philadelphia. The Conductors, yearning to finally win that elusive championship, played even better than they had before, going 20-10 behind Pat Roberts' second MVP season. Despite not quite being the same player he was before the injury, Roberts was still the best center in the league, and it showed. The Blueshirts greatly benefitted from their signing of Walter Chamberlain, as he pro

Basketball » Continental Basketball League - 1957-58 Season » 6/08/2019 12:41 pm

Hey everyone, I had a bit of a family emergency and therefore this project fell to the wayside. However, the CBL is not dead. I’m hoping to fully come back to this project in a week or so, but the next season and some designs should hopefully be up by the end of tomorrow.

Basketball » Continental Basketball League - 1957-58 Season » 5/27/2019 6:17 pm

JG36 wrote:

I know logos aren’t your main focus, but one thing I like to do with my hand drawn logos is use a ruler or straightedge to make things neat. Also for the Stars, you can clearly see eraser marks, so try to not draw so hard on your first go. I also make sketches before drawing my final copy. Another thing, are you using crayons? Try using color pencils if you can. They can provide for more neatness and less white spots. The template looks good, but another reason the ruler comes in handy is that your number on the white jersey seems a little out of place towards the left.

The storytelling is good though. Remember, practice makes perfect. The more you make, the better they’ll look.

I am using colored pencils. I realized that the eraser marks were there as soon as I posted it, I thought they weren't too noticeable when I took the pictures (which were a smaller size). I'll definitely work on fixing that in the next teams that I post, as well as fixing Cleveland and editing that post with the updated, cleaner design.



Only one major change was made in the summer of 1956 - the addition of what was being called the "shot clock". This 24-second timer greatly sped the game up, and made it more watchable for both spectators in the arena and on television. After a long recovery, Barry Johnson was back from his injury and finally gave Terry Stevens some help, lifting the Robins to their first ever winning record in franchise history, and just one game out of the playoffs. However, one player was not thrilled about the addition of the shot clock - George Olson, the Blueshirts' star point guard. He was notorious for slowing the game down, often keeping the ball to himself with his incredible dribble skills before launching a perfect pass into the paint. However, he was now on a timer to find a man, and this greatly impacted his play. While he was still a force to be reckoned

Basketball » Continental Basketball League - 1957-58 Season » 5/27/2019 4:53 pm

While I said in the beginning that the focus won't be on uniforms or logos, I still want to work on those a bit, even if they're terrible hand-drawn things that don't come close to others.

Anyway, the current league logo from this era is:

After, here is the look of the Cleveland Stars.

(Currently, color is worn at home. This may change in the future).

I am currently working on more teams (New York or Boston will be next), as well as the 1956-57 season. 

Basketball » Continental Basketball League - 1957-58 Season » 5/25/2019 11:55 am


After the drama of the previous offseason, this one seemed tame by comparison. The newly-Pittsburgh Robins, moving into the brand-new Allegheny Arena (soon to be known as the Alleghena by supporters), made a major splash in the offseason, signing college phenom Barry Johnson to a large contract. However, before the season began, he was hurt in a training accident and missed the entire season. With only Terry Stevens to carry the team, they managed to do one game worse than their first two seasons to finish bottom of the league once again. On the top, the Blueshirts hit their stride as the tag team of Olson and Sheaves dominated the league, stunning many with their no-nonsense inside play as they cruised to 20 wins. Philadelphia, behind the solid play of Roberts, once again finished with 17 wins and second in the standings. The Lions were once again on the outside of the playoffs looking in, just one game behind Philadelphia. In New York, the rapidly declining Gus McProme announced that he would be retiring at the end of the season, after a knee injury forced him onto the sidelines for most of the year. Soon the league announced that McProme, the winner of the first ever MVP award in 1953 and the Playoff MVP winner a year ago, would be the namesake of the MVP trophy, which was given to George Olson. Despite relatively high expectations, the Stars only finished at .500 and fourth in the league once again. The final standings were:

1) Boston Blueshirts (20-10)
2) Philadelphia Conductors (17-13)

3) Cincinnati Lions (16-14)
4) Cleveland Stars (15-15)
5) New York Mammoths (14-16)
6) Pittsburgh Robins (8-22)

For the playoffs, returned back to a two-team, five game series, the Blueshirts faced the Conductors in a series that would quickly become a classic for the beautiful play of Boston, and an incredible game from Pat Roberts. Boston won both of their home games to make the series 2-0 heade

Announcements » The Suggestions Thread » 5/25/2019 11:29 am

DoctaC wrote:

I feel like having all the sports split up on the home page when the forum is still small is a little weird. For Football, Baseball, and Basketball there is only one thread, and there are zero for soccer. I think they would be easier to access if they were all just under one section for sports fan fiction, where you didn’t have to click on each individual sport from the home page.

Hopefully this makes sense it was kinda hard to describe lol

While it looks a bit empty now, I like this choice, as if someone is looking specifically for a basketball thread, there's a specific place for it. Once there are more people, the areas will fill up.

Football » An Alternate History of American Football: The NAFA » 5/25/2019 10:35 am

Magic Dynasty
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Name: Alexandre Bernard
Age: 43
Bio: An top sportswriter for Le Journal de Montreal, and an avid Saints fan, Bernard has been a large part in growing the number of Francophone football fans.

Bernard votes for:
Chicago, Indianapolis

Announcements » The Suggestions Thread » 5/25/2019 10:19 am


Magic Dynasty wrote:

Is there a way to add spoilers/hidden text to our posts?

I discovered that you can. Just add a

tag to a post.

Like this



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